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World premiere of Selena Group’s low carbon footprint products at BAU

At this year’s BAU Trade Fair (17-22.04.2023, Munich), Selena Group’s exhibition in Hall B6, stand 416, will feature the world premiere of lower carbon footprint products with ISCC Plus certification. Selena, one of the world’s four largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam, will also be showcasing building materials using 100% sustainably sourced raw materials – BIOSELENOLS®. At the same time, Selena will be showcasing a range of innovative, high-tech, high-performance solutions for the construction industry that support the ergonomics of contractors’ work and reduce the environmental footprint of construction projects.

Building products with a reduced carbon footprint

Selena Group, owner of brands such as the world-renowned Tytan Professional, Quilosa Professional and the ground-breaking COOL-R®, which reduces roof temperatures by up to 70%, is launching a new range of products with a reduced carbon footprint. Some of these are the first building products on the European Union market to be certified ISCC Plus, confirming the biocomponent content of their composition. They are characterised by excellent environmental performance and a reduced carbon footprint of up to 30%, as documented in the environmental product declarations of type III.

BIOSELENOLS® – 100% renewable biocomponents in building materials

Selena will also be showcasing a ground-breaking Low-Ex Green foam with a unique formulation containing BIOSELENOLS® – a proprietary raw material derived from renewable sources. It is a 100% bio-based polyester developed in Selena’s R&D department for OCF (One Component Foam) products. Patented by the Group, this bio-based raw material is produced as part of the Horizon Europe project, a research and development initiative of the European Union, and responds to the challenges of decarbonising construction by 2050.

Sustainability of the Selena Group

Selena’s products and solutions are a consequence of the Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy. As a global supplier and distributor of construction chemicals, Selena provides solutions to support the environmental certification of buildings. Selena’s products, available in nearly a hundred national markets on four continents, increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their lifecycle, while having a fundamental impact on comfort. This is confirmed by the Environmental Declarations of Selena products, verified by the ECO Platform.

At BAU, the manufacturer will present building products designed for and in collaboration with professional contractors. For more than 30 years, Selena’s focus has been on the users of its products. That is why the products launched under internationally known brands such as Tytan Professional are synonymous with top quality and faster, more ergonomic work for professional contractors. According to a study by 2022, polyurethane technology significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional construction methods, from the transport of materials to the construction site, making construction easier for both contractors and the environment. 

Visit the Selena Group at BAU and plant your tree

As part of the BAU events, Selena will invite visitors to plant virtual trees that will reforest areas in need by mid-2023. For more information on Selena Group’s solutions, visit stand 416 in Hall B6.

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