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We are an innovative manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals
We offer products necessary at various stages of construction work – from foundations to roofs.

Selena Group Brands

Tytan Professional

Tytan offers a wide range of products designed for construction and finishing works: polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, wood preservatives, tapes, waterproofing compounds, insulation systems, mortars, plasters, paints and many others.


Quilosa Professional

Quilosa is a leading Spanish brand with more than 70 years of experience in the development and distribution of chemical products. The first Quilosa adhesives were marketed in the 1940s. Today the brand features a broad range of products for the construction sector and industry as well as for DIY users.



Application of COOL-R on the roof top reduces temperature inside the building (by reducing temperature of the roof), which improves thermal comfort. In addition, building owners can decrease electricity consumption for air conditioning, thus reducing their maintenance costs.


Tytan Industry

Tytan Industry is a brand dedicated to industrial products and solutions. We offer one- and two-component polyurethane adhesives, hot-melt, dispersion, hybrid, PSA, upholstery, contact adhesives as well as hybrid, polyurethane, silicone and acrylic sealants.



Matizol is a Polish company that combines over 120 years’ experience and deep manufacturing know-how about bitumen membranes, shingles and bitumen liquids with the latest technologies and innovative solutions and is focused on the most demanding professionals.


Tytan WINS

The easy-to-install, innovative 3-layer window sealing and insulation systems consist of integrated products that, when used as a system, provide the frame-to-frame joint with a quality that complies with Selena’s Standard for Sealing and Insulating Frames with Frames.



Imperalum, building its quality since 1968, is a pioneer in the polymeric modification of bitumen membranes and one of the main players in the Iberian market, offering products and Solutions with Future in the areas of waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation, drainage, and geotextiles.


Selena ESG

Selena ESG Sp. z o. o. is a supplier of the proprietary Complete Energy Roof solution as a systemic and engineering approach to the process of preparation, design, implementation (assembly), acceptance and use of photovoltaic installations on roofs in industry, logistics and agriculture.


Selena Green Investments

Selena Green Investments Sp. z o. o. is the youngest company in Selena Group’s portfolio. It was established in 2021 to run large-scale renewable energy projects. He deals with management, design, purchase, as well as financial and legal support for projects such as wind farms, PV farms, biogas plants and energy storage facilities.


Artelit Professional

Artelit Professional is a system of professional products for floor installation: parquet and carpet adhesives, leveling compounds, varnishes, primers and more. The Artelit system is designed for a full range of jobs: from substrate preparation to bonding the carpet or parquet, to finishing and maintenance.



TACK-R bitumen membranes are high-quality products intended for the investment market. Optimized for weather conditions, they create ideal solutions for heavy bitumen waterproofing at every stage of construction.



It is a professional brand, which is characterized above all by high quality and a wide range of applications in all renovation and finishing works. It includes both versatile construction tapes, concealed nets, construction, vapor barrier, protective, painting and stretch films.



Polyurethane foams
straw and gun foams, high yield and low expansion formulas, winter and all season, specialist and dedicated products
silicones (acetoxy and neutral cure), acrylics and siliconized acrylics, hybrid and ms polymer sealants, polyurethane sealant
mounting adhesives, construction adhesives, wood adhesives, parquet and carpet adhesives, polyurethane adhesives for foamed polystyrene
Flooring systems
parquet adhesive, scarpet adhesives, screeds, leveling compounds and primers, varnishes, oils and wax, maintenance products
Ceramic tile systems
tile adhesives, grouts, waterproofing compounds
Interior wall systems
interior plasters, renders, putties, primers, interior paints
polyurethane adhesives for foamed polystyrene, adhesive and rendering mortars, fibre-glass mesh
polyurethane thin bed mortar, masonry mortars, waterproofing mortars
building tapes, wood preservatives, chemical anchors, fixings and screws, tools and accessories
bitumen membranes – polyester-reinforced, sbs modified, bitumen membranes with low sbs content, bitumen shingles, sbs modified, bitumen compounds for construction and roofing works, liquid foilsroof sealants, roofing tapes
Product catalog 2021/2022
In the catalog you will find hundreds of Selena Group products, advices, descriptions and comparisons of various solutions.
Windows and Doors
Walls and ceilings
Kitchens and bathrooms
Thermal insulation, facades, cladding
Terraces and balconies
Product catalog 2021/2022
In the catalog you will find hundreds of Selena Group products, advices, descriptions and comparisons of various solutions.

Solutions for Industry


    Adhesives for dowel inserting machines, Lamination of cellboards and multilayer boards with hpl and veneers, Lamination of particle board with pvc foil and impregnated paper, Adhesives for the production of frames for upholstered furniture and chairs, Adhesives for varnished surfaces, High tack and mounting adhesives, Postforming adhesives hot melt adhesives


    Solvent and dispersion contact adhesives for bonding of foams and textiles used in upholstery industry, Shoe making adhesives


    Polysulfide, PU hot melt adhesives, Aluminum frames, Molecular sieve, PU for glazing, Windshield sealants, Water-resistant adhesives, e.G. For window manufacturing (d3, d4 adhesives according to en 204)


    Production of insulation materials, including sandwich panels, Lamination of flexible foam, sponges, mattresses, Hot melt sticks for various bonding applications, Hot melt adhesives for bonding of aluminum profiles with fiberglass mesh, Other industrial applications of polyurethane adhesives


    Dispersion adhesives for folding of cardboard boxes, Hot melt adhesives for closing of cardboard boxes, Labeling adhesives, Bookbinding adhesives, Adhesives for bags, Coating of cardboards with high quality paperp, Ressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, Adhesives for sanitary products

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