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Selena named the most innovative company from Rzeczpospolita’s 2000 List

Selena Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and the owner of the Tytan Professional® brand, has been recognized in the 22nd edition of the 2000 List – an annual ranking of large and medium-sized companies compiled by the Rzeczpospolita daily. Selena was awarded as the Most Innovative Company. The award was received by the CEO Sławomir Majchrowski.

Rzeczpospolita has once again prepared a ranking of key companies operating in various industries in Poland, taking into account their revenues achieved last year. As well as being included in the list of the largest entities in terms of financial results, Selena FM was also named as the Most Innovative Company of the 2000 List.

This recognition confirms that if you pursue a well thought-out strategy, diversify you distribution paths and invest in technologies, you can actively develop your business and open up new prospects in any economic and geopolitical situation. Rzeczpospolita recognized the innovations we have introduced. These include user-friendly investments as well as solutions and products that are both sustainable and of high quality,” Sławomir Majchrowski emphasized.

The 2000 list of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’. Selena receives the award. Photo: Rzeczpospolita.

Selena’s strength lies in the constant search for new, high-quality solutions that change the approach to construction based on creativity and respect for the environment. The Group created its proprietary feedstock – BIOSELENOLS® – polyester polyol, 100% derived from renewable sources, as Selena’s direct response to the challenges related to the decarbonization of construction by 2050. Selena’s innovative construction solutions also include Tytan WINS Systems that define new standards for sealing windows and doors, consisting of complementary products based on liquid foils, which prevent energy loss in residential buildings by up to 30%, in this way reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Selena also has its proprietary technology for making foam adhesives, which – in addition to significantly accelerating and increasing the efficiency of construction works – decrease energy and water consumption and significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Thanks to the recently forged cooperation with Covestro, a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials, a new formulation was created for the best-selling Tytan Professional® Ultra Fast 70 foam, based on the innovative MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), an organic chemical compound containing bio-based feedstock accounted for using the mass balance approach. This helped reduce the carbon footprint of the foam by about 45% compared to the previous version of the product that used fossil-derived feedstock.

Additionally, the Group has research facilities not only in Poland, but also in six other countries around the world. In 2020, Selena Group’s R&D Center was granted the Forbes Diamond award.  In 2022, in its annual ESG Innovator competition, the Polish ESG Association recognized Selena as the “Visionary of the Polish ESG Association” for its role as an ESG precursor and leader among Polish companies that contributes to sustainable transformation in the construction sector.

The 2000 List is a ranking of the largest Polish companies based on their financial performance. In 2022, Selena’s total sales revenues were over PLN 1.9 billion.

The award ceremony took place on December 6, 2023 in the Quotations Hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The 2000 list of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’. Laureates. Photo: Rzeczpospolita.

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