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Selena Group among the winners of prestigious Forbes and Builder rankings

Selena Group, a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and the owner of the Tytan Professional® brand, wins “Forbes Diamonds” and the “Star of the Builder Ranking”. The Group has been recognized for its business value and financial performance. Both rankings, regarded as some of the most prestigious league tables of Polish enterprises, place Selena among the largest companies in the Polish economy.

The Selena Group entities were among this year’s “Forbes Diamond” winners twice. The magazine’s ranking recognized Selena FM and Selena SA independently. “Forbes Diamonds” is a prestigious ranking created annually by Dun & Bradstreet Poland for Forbes Polska magazine. It aims to distinguish and reward the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. As its creators emphasize, the ranking reflects the condition and pace of development of Polish business. The 2024 vote is the selection of “diamonds of diamonds”, as Katarzyna Dębek, editor-in-chief of Forbes Polska, described this year’s awards. The award-winning companies have navigated challenging conditions over the past three years: the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and high inflation in Poland – and thanks to their flexibility and efficient management, they “coped with all adversities”.

Debate during the Forbes Diamonds award ceremony

Also in April 2024, Selena Group was awarded the “Star of the Builder Ranking” certificate by the editors of the Builder monthly together with PwC Poland and Dun & Bradstreet – the authors of the ranking of the 300 largest construction companies in Poland. Selena was ranked first in the categories of “Highest Revenues in Lower Silesia” and “Highest Revenues by Business Area: construction chemicals”. This distinction was granted based on the analysis of five editions of the ranking covering 2018-2022 financial data, in which the Group achieved the highest revenues in the Lower Silesian province among all companies included in the ranking. The list is a part of the “Build 4 Future” project, aiming to analyze the condition of the Polish construction industry, development prospects and the promotion of construction companies achieving spectacular successes.

The Builder Ranking Stars 2024

Selena is experiencing intensive business growth today, and we are currently competing with major market players. The awards conferred on us are a testament to the hard work of the entire team over many years in challenging conditions. Due to a number of external factors, recent years, including 2023, were not very favorable economically for Polish business.

In spite of this, we used the past year for geographical expansion. We have finalized two strategic investments for the Group – the acquisition of the Portuguese company Imperalum and launch of a project with the Hungarian Masterplast group to establish a joint glass wool production plant off the Hungarian town of Szerencs. This former initiative allowed us to expand our product offering in waterproofing solutions. The latter one marks Selena’s entry into the market of mineral-based thermal insulation products. In our operational activities, we continue to focus on the development of our Western market, considering it to be key. We are keen to strengthen our business and expand sales in Western Europe and in both Americas, especially in the USA and Brazil,” says Sławomir Majchrowski, CEO of Selena Group.

The effectiveness and stability of the Group’s activities in recent years are confirmed by the awards received in the most prestigious rankings and competitions. In 2023 alone, Selena was awarded by the Rzeczpospolita daily as the Most Innovative Company in the “List of 2000” ranking. In turn, Selena FM S.A. was for the second time named among Best Managed Companies Poland by Deloitte – the organizer of the program analyzes the participants’ activities in terms of applying the highest standards of strategy, innovation, organizational culture and finance. Additionally, the company was included in the Polityka Insight report “National Champions”, where its activity on foreign markets and its dominant position in the industry were highly rated.

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Selena Group among the winners of prestigious Forbes and Builder rankings

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