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Selena’s six products make their debut in South America

Selena Group continues its strong development in international markets. In April, in Brazil the company presented innovative construction chemicals developed […]

Selena Group continues its strong development in international markets. In April, in Brazil the company presented innovative construction chemicals developed in its own laboratories. In the Brazilian market Selena offers more than 70 different products, and as many as six of them made their debut at FEICON BATIMAT 2017 – the sector’s largest event in South America, which attracted more than 90,000 people. At the stand of Selena Sulamericana – the Group’s local company – all visitors could participate in live demonstrations of the Group’s innovative solutions, including the pioneering foam adhesive TYTAN 60 SECONDS. The customers of Selena Sulamericana and professionals from Brazil could test the products on display at the stand to find out about their advantages.

Selena podczas FEICON BATIMAT 2017

Selena’s offer at FECION BATIMAT 2017 aroused a lot of interest with more than 2000 people from 11 countries registering themselves at the company’s stand. The local companies presented six just-launched products, including: the modern cyanoacrylate Tytan Ciano, fast-grip mounting adhesive Fix ECO and new high-yield multi-position low-expansion foam for window and door installation Titanium Portas e Janelas, specially designed for the local market. In addition, the company presented a full range of straw foams equipped with the innovative ERGO applicator. Also, the visitors could become familiar with MS35 Crystal, a crystal clear hybrid sealant. The product is characterized by adhesion to a variety of materials, providing aesthetic and durable elastic joints and sealing. The product can be applied indoors and outdoors, even on damp surfaces. One of the highlights of the show was the demonstration of the potential of TITAN 60 SECONDS. Selena was the only exhibitor to give the visitors a chance to test the performance of the foam adhesive at a dedicated stand.

TYTAN 60 SECONDS foam adhesive

„Selena Group has been present in the Brazilian market for more than 10 years, constantly increasing the scope of its operations. During the FEICON BATIMAT fair Selena conducted a survey among visitors. The survey showed a very positive reception of the TYTAN 60 SECONDS foam adhesive, whose strengths were demonstrated during the presentation. Many people were amazed at the effectiveness of the product and the fact that it actually achieves a strong initial grip in unbelievable sixty seconds. Such a modern product is the result of Selena’s 25 years of experience in the construction chemistry market and the work of own R&D laboratories. Given this success, we expect that the interest in the TYTAN brand and other solutions from the Selena’s portfolio will continue to grow, especially so as a significant portion of the more than 2,000 people who visited the Selena Sulamericana stand are decision makers in the firms connected with the construction industry. Thanks to the continued marketing of innovative, high-quality products, we expect to strengthen our position in South America significantly, and ultimately to become a market leader in modern building chemistry in the region” – said Alfredo Mann, Sales Director at Selena Sulamericana.

Selena has been operating in South America since 2004. With its debut in Brazil, it started to put on the local market the products of its Tytan Professional brand, which now enjoy No. 1 position and are valued both by professional and individual users. Selena Sulamericana maintains a stable position in the market. It has headquarters in Curitiba and a production plant in Ponta Grossa.

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