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Selena’s innovations as a source of ground-breaking changes in the construction industry

In accordance with the established strategy based on the implementation of innovative products Selena Group started the launch of an […]

In accordance with the established strategy based on the implementation of innovative products Selena Group started the launch of an innovative series of foam adhesives. The implementation of this pioneering solution is the result of international R&D program FOAM ADHESIVE (FOAD) – led by Selena Group companies for several years. One of the newest products in FOAD family, which appeared on the market, is a high-speed glue Styrofoam IS 13, designed for the installation of insulation boards. This product will significantly shorten and simplify the whole process of applying insulation, and thus will also improve the efficiency of executive teams and reducing the cost of the work.

Foam Adhesives are a revolution in the construction industry, because they allow to replace a number of standard solution like adhesives and traditional cement. Adhesives in a form of a foam combine excellent binding properties, characteristic for products such as: dry mortars, mounting adhesives, adhesives for flooring systems or roofing, while enabling very simple application. The main advantages of foam adhesives are: very good initial tack and extremely fast weld drying time.

“Introducing to the market FOAD series, including high-speed glue Styrofoam IS 13, is the result of many years of work in Selena Group, oriented for implementation of innovative solutions in the field of construction chemicals. A consequent investing in R&D – realized in the laboratories of the company located in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China – is a key element of Selena Group strategy. FOAD program – coordinated by an international team of specialists, who created and continue to improve revolutionary technology of foam adhesives – is one of the strategic projects of the company. Through the development of innovative technological solutions, that meet the needs of the global construction industry, Selena realizes its contribution to the development of construction chemicals. As a result, the company is constantly improving the attractiveness of the offer on the international markets and gaining a competitive advantage.“– said Jaroslaw Michniuk, President and CEO of Selena FM S.A., parent company in the Selena Group.

Under the FOAD program scientific potential of top class specialists has been used. Selena Group is conducting intensive R&D actions, working with scientists and supports the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts from many countries. The aim is to develop innovative products that change the traditional approach to the processes in the construction industry in order to find system solutions as a response to the growing needs of the users and as solutions applicable in the context of sustainable construction policy.

One of these solutions is very high-speed glue Styrofoam IS 13, the fastest one-component polyurethane adhesive, dedicated to ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System). It’s extremely dense formula provides fast initial grip, precise work of the board, even when the uneven surface of the substrate (IS 13 reduces inequality to 30 mm) and strong adhesion to the bonding surface. This product is recommended for boards of polystyrene graphite and white (EPS), XPS and PUR, mineral wool and foamed glass. It can be used on all common building substrates such as concrete, aerated concrete, ceramics, silicate blocks and critical substrates such as wood substrates and wood, metal and glazed. IS 13 is a component of the system offer, that allows for up to 6-fold reduction in working time, increased efficiency and significantly easier work for contractors. This was confirmed by the opinions of participants of the nationwide Roadshow, organized recently by Selena. In 15 locations throughout the country demonstrations and technical workshops for more than 450 professionals took place. The participants had the opportunity to know the properties of the Fastest System Insulation FGS whose key element is the high-speed glue Styrofoam IS 13 and find out about his excellent efficiency.

FOAD opens a new chapter for the construction industry. Innovative solutions for quick, lightweight and efficient operation are the next step in creating a robust, sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings, where users can enjoy the full comfort. This new, top quality is a step in the direction of the rapid development of the industry.

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