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Selena wins the „Teraz Polska” (Poland Now) award

The Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals – won the Teraz Polska contest. This year, for […]

The Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals – won the Teraz Polska contest. This year, for the first time in the history of the Teraz Polska award, companies competed in the new category “Investments abroad.” Selena received the award – as the only company in the category – for its polyurethane foam manufacturing plant in Nantong, China.

Krzysztof Domarecki, Selena FM SA chairman of the Supervisory board, was presented with the award on behalf of the company. The award ceremony was held on 11 June 2012 in the National Theatre in Warsaw, Poland. The „Teraz Polska” is awarded in 5 categories: for products, services, innovations, communes (“gminy”) and – for the first time this year – investments.

„Teraz Polska is one of the most prestigious awards granted to Polish companies and quality products. We are honoured to be among the winners. Selena’s presence in China – one of our key markets – is a crucial element in our strategy of growth. We are all the more satisfied that it is our Chinese investment that was appreciated and awarded in the Contest” – said Krzysztof Domarecki, Selena FM SA chairman of the Supervisory Board.

butelka1.jpgSelena’s Chinese products  

Selena’s Chinese

Selena’s plant is the sole Polish investment in Nanontg. Production started there in spring 2011. The hi-tec plant is located in the Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area in the vicinity of Shanghai and specialises in the manufacture of polyurethane foams. The plant was built in a year and a half and cost 30m PLN. The investment was self-funded. Currently, including the sales team, Selena Nantong employs about 90 people – both Polish and Chinese specialists. The plant produces mainly under TYTAN brand.

Selena draws on its diverse experience in order to grow. The Group comprises 30 companies in 18 countries across the world – among others, in Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Turkey or Spain – and operates in 70 markets worldwide. Therefore, Selena operates globally, but following the idea of multilocality. The Group draws on practices established on various markets adapting them to the local needs and expectations.

The Selena Group has received numerous distinctions in the most prestigious rankings in Poland. They include, among others: Forbes’s Diamond, Pearl of the Polish Economy, Construction Company of the Year 2010 and 2011 in the contest organized by the Builder monthly magazine and Reliable Employer of the Year. Moreover, TYTAN Professional, as the only brand in the category „Construction Chemistry” in Poland was distinguished as the Premium Brand in the ranking by Millward Brown SMG/KRC Institute and was honoured with the title Brand of High Reputation.

Godło Teraz PolskaThe „Teraz Polska” national emblem is one of the most prestigious awards presented to Polish companies and products. The graphic symbol of the contest is the most recognisable sign promoting quality products and services throughout the Polish economy. Products and comapanies granted it are among Polish business leaders. The Contest has been held by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation since 1993 with the Polish president as the honorary patron.

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