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Selena opens a modern construction chemicals factory in Węgrów, Mazovia

Selena Group, one of the leaders in the construction chemicals industry, has opened a modern plant for its company Tytan […]

Selena Group, one of the leaders in the construction chemicals industry, has opened a modern plant for its company Tytan EOS in Węgrów (the Mazowieckie province). The factory has its own quality control lab and uses automated manufacturing solutions.

Selena Group has launched its new factory at Strefowa Street in Węgrów. Over the last 12 months, the company was busy adapting the plant to modern production of a wide range of Tytan EOS products. The plant’s central location in Poland enables convenient transport throughout the country, and facilitates exports to Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Packer in the new Tytan EOS Węgrów plant

“We will use the Węgrów-based factory for world-wide shipment of the products made by Tytan EOS, one of Selena Group companies which is a global producer and distributor of construction chemicals, operating on four continents. The new plant also meets the highest production standards and safety requirements, and above all, caters to the comfort of our employees. For this reason, among other things, the level of dust generated when dosing dry additives has been reduced to the absolute minimum. In addition, we wanted to harmonize our presence in Węgrów with the local market and adapted the production line to use local raw materials. This is because we want to be not just an investor, but also a partner for local business and local authorities”, said Roman Owczarek, CEO of Tytan EOS Węgrów.

Selena Group delegation at the opening ceremony of the Tytan EOS factory

Węgrów will produce tile adhesives and thermal insulation adhesives, machine plaster, rendering, mortars, joints in 20 colors, waterproofing solutions, screeds, and more. The automated production line is adapted to the use of local raw materials. The plant also has its own quality control lab.

The opening ceremony of the Tytan EOS factory

The opening ceremony of the Tytan EOS factory was attended by, among others: Węgrów governor Ewa Besztak, chair of the City Council Beata Gashi, and representatives of Selena Group, including CEO Jacek Michalak, COO Roman Dziuba, global production director Bogdan Brożyniak, and plant manager Mariusz Tur.

Selena focuses on strong development – in the last three years, the existing Tytan EOS plant has doubled its sales results in Poland. The company is already planning next steps for 2022, including construction of another production line in Węgrów, which will allow production to increase even threefold. In addition, the plant is going to start a second production shift. As a result, it expects to hire nearly 30 additional employees next year.

In 2022, Tytan EOS Węgrów will also be expanded to include an R&D Department. Moreover, a gate for verification of goods will be installed at the entrance to the plant. This will be enabled by implementation of a modern, innovative RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. To this end, readers, antennas, a special computer and a user screen will be installed on forklifts transporting products. The tag reading capability will facilitate quick loading without leaving the vehicle. The RFID system will be primarily used to integrate the RFID tags of finished goods with the current barcode labeling solution. It will also automate the registration of pickups and deliveries, which will enable double verification of goods, speed up work and eliminate registration errors.

Tytan EOS factory

Currently, Selena Group’s manufacturing plants are located in Poland, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Spain, and Italy. In October 2021, Selena announced its plan to launch a new project in Kazakhstan.

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