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Selena launches the world’s first product that absorbs low-frequency electric fields

NoEM Electro Protector 4 in 1 – a response to the requirements of the EU directive effective since 1 July […]

NoEM Electro Protector 4 in 1 – a response to the requirements of the EU directive effective since 1 July 2016

Selena Group – producer and distributor of construction chemicals headquartered in Poland – has marketed a new product – NoEM Electro Protector, which absorbs low-frequency electric fields in 99%. As a result of its investments into research and development of new solutions, Selena, in cooperation with Stanisław Wosiński, PhD, Eng., is the first in the world to offer a technology that affords protection against unwanted effects of electrosmog. The unique properties of the product follow the EU directive, which enters into force in July 2016, imposing an obligation to protect the employees who are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields. NoEM was put on the market in June this year.

As many as 46% of the polled Poles admit that they are concerned about the potential health risks of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – according to the survey conducted by TNS OBOP[1]. These concerns are rooted in the large number of installations, appliances or electric cables in house walls. Electromagnetic waves are not neutral to human body – excessive exposure might result in headaches, insomnia and overall fatigue and irritation.

Selena joined forces with Stanisław Wosiński, PhD, Eng. to launch a new product – NoEM Electro Protector – that effectively reduces the polluting impact that an excessive electric field has on the surrounding environment. NoEM blends four functions – that of an electric field shield, white paint, primer and an anti-electrostatic coating. In addition, thanks to the appropriate technology, NoEMabsorbs only selected electric field frequencies without disrupting mobile or Wi-Fi networks. As NoEM is more than an ordinary construction chemical, Selena has created a dedicated e-learning platform to help customers find out about the electrosmog problem and about how to protect against it.

Selena has been investing strongly in modern technologies. Our R&D activity is centralised in Selena Labs. We both develop in-house technologies and are looking for new solutions externally. As part of the company, there are teams specialising in researching, developing and testing new products. Our openness to scientific discoveries helps us market unique solutions and forms a part of our strategy of building competitive advantage by developing innovative products. In addition, for years we have put the highest premium on fostering the growth of sustainable construction. Such an approach has yielded NoEM Electro Protector – the world’s first construction chemical that offers protection against harmful electrical pollution by absorbing low-frequency electric fields. We expect that NoEM might generate a lot of interest – July 2016 is the effective date of the EU Directive, binding on all Member States, that requires protection of the employees who are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields” – said Jaroslaw Michniuk, the CEO of Selena FM SA, the parent company of Selena Group.

Ceraqion Technology– created and patented by Stanisław Wosiński, and used for developing the NoEM Electro Protector, is environmentally friendly and safe. The technology uses the natural properties of ceramics and water “frozen” in the porous structures of finely ground ceramics. The product may be applied in both residential buildings and public utility buildings, such as hospitals or military establishments. NoEM Electro Protector perfectly fits into the currently popular eco and mindfulness trends.

The discovery won an international recognition – the technology was awarded, for example, a Golden Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

[1] TNS Opinion & Social carried out the survey at the request of the European Commission on 12 March – 1 April 2010 among 26 602 citizens of 27 EU Member States.

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