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Selena Labs takes part in the OECD workshop in Kraków

At the international workshop with representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, organised by the OECD Biotechnology Committee, […]

At the international workshop with representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, organised by the OECD Biotechnology Committee, Selena Labs, an R&D centre of Selena Group, one of the global leaders in the construction chemicals sector and an owner of the TYTAN brand, presented an innovative approach to the future of this branch of industry. The main objective of the event, attended by speakers from the EU and non-European countries, including from Canada and Japan, is to discuss the availability and use of different types of biomass in Poland in the context of implementation of bioeconomy and stimulation of bioindustry, considering the research and innovation needs in this area.

Currently, more and more manufacturers in various industry areas are interested in biotechnology substances from renewable raw materials such as: wood, flax, jute, sisal, cotton or coconut fiber, which can replace the materials used at present.That is why the bioapplication market is considered a direction of the future for many industrial environments, including the construction chemicals segment in which Selena has been operating for years.

“At Selena Group, we have been developing pioneering solutions revolutionising the construction industry. The use of renewable raw materials is a trend which we are very interested in, as ever since its inception Selena has been implementing solutions that benefit both customers and the natural environment. With its business experience and market knowledge, Selena Labs was the first Polish company to become a leader of the Biomotive project under the Horizon 2020 programme. This project fits well with the megatrends of civilization and seeks to limit the consumption of oil-based raw materials in favour of chemical raw materials of vegetable origin. We are doing the project in consortium with other entities. Our partners have complementary competencies in R&D, creating a long-lasting industrial alliance which strengthens the competitiveness of the European Union. By participating in such workshops as those organised by the OECD Biotechnology Committee, Selena can share knowledge and experience, and disseminate benefits flowing from biomass production and investments into environment-friendly technologies”, says Agata Gładysz, Vice-President of the Management Board, Innovation and Development Director.

“Building a biomass innovation ecosystem in a circular bioeconomy in Poland” is a workshop organised as part of participation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies (OECD BNCT). The aim is to exchange views and hold discussions with representatives of various national and foreign stakeholders to arrive at conclusions and recommendations on the next steps to be taken to expedite the development of bioeconomy in Poland. In addition, in Kraków a debate took place on the subject of biomass processing to create a new raw material based on biological input by employing modern biotechnologies as well as the subject of standards and regulations regarding the potential of those biotechnologies in various sectors.

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