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Selena introduces a breakthrough roof technology

With its strategic focus on research & development and elaboration of pioneering solutions, Selena Group is among the top producers […]

With its strategic focus on research & development and elaboration of pioneering solutions, Selena Group is among the top producers and distributors of construction chemicals world-wide. The company’s offer has been enhanced again, this time with the innovative roofing product. Cool-R is a highly reflective, waterproof coating that effectively reduces roof temperature, thus causing a major reduction of temperature inside the building, providing a more comfortable internal climate. The technology developed by Selena Group is another proof of the company’s potential, built on the basis of many years’ experience and a strong scientific back-up. Cool-R is also an example of the company’s responsible and effective approach to the EU guidelines regarding implementation of solutions that support the idea of sustainable construction.

The innovative Cool-R roof coating

“Pioneering solutions, such as Cool-R, consolidate Selena Group’s position as a leader in delivering advanced technology to the construction chemicals market. The Group’s strategy of robust development of its research function now yields fruit in the form of unique products – including the roof coating – which respond to the real needs in construction. At present, Selena’s labs exist in four countries, and the biggest of them is located in Poland. Such an organisation of the R&D centres maximises the use of their potential and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas originating in geographically diversified research teams” – said Marcin Macewicz, Head of the Waterproofing Division and a Management Board Member of Selena FM S.A., Selena Group’s parent company.

Dach pokryty powłoką dekarską Cool-R

The problem of roof overheating has number of implications. For building owners, this means the need to plan renovation works (cost-wise including) as due to high temperature and without effective waterproofing, the process of roof ageing and its degradation is much faster. On the other hand, the owners are required to ensure optimum temperature inside the building. Keeping the right internal climateparticularly matters when there are people working inside, food or medicines are stored or when the building is used for animal breeding. In many cases, the use of air-conditioning generates huge costs that do not necessarily ensure full thermal comfort. The innovative product from Selena is an answer to all these problems. The Cool-R coating helps reduce roof temperature almost instantly by nearly 70%, with a concurrent decrease of internal temperature of even 10°C. As Cool-R ensures full waterproofing of the roof, it also protects and mitigates the process of aging of the structure itself. Selena’s product also has a very long durability and retains its properties for more than 10 years.

Cool-R was designed with a view to achieving the highest value of the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). SRI is calculated based on two key parameters: reflectance so the ability to reflect solar radiation and emissivity – ability to release absorbed energy. With its unique technology, Selena Group’s product has a very high SRI at 107. It is this value that depicts the effectiveness of the Cool-R innovative roofing coating, something that has never been offered before by any solution available in the market. The product has already been successfully applied in many projects, including on the roof of the Marriott hotel in Warsaw.

Map of successfully applied Cool-R projects,

Cool-R helps achieve significant reductions of the outlays on air-conditioning. This generates not only real savings for building owners, but also reduces the demand for energy. Energy efficiency is at the heart of EU’s Europe 2020 strategy for smart and sustainable development. The concept is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase security of energy supplies and to reduce emissions of greenhouse houses and other pollutants. The innovative Cool-R roof coating is in line with the idea of promoting sustainable construction, including reduction of negative impact on the natural environment and human health.

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