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Selena Group named the Solid Employer

Selena, the owner of the Tytan brand and the global producer and distributor of construction chemicals, has been awarded with […]

Selena, the owner of the Tytan brand and the global producer and distributor of construction chemicals, has been awarded with the Solid Employer 2020 title. This is the 18th edition of the competition that awards companies which show particular care for their employees. Selena has been recognised in the country-wide category.

The purpose of the competition is to identify the best employers in Poland, notably those that promote valuable HR solutions and share their experience. Each company is verified by the competition committee based on many standardised criteria, including the personnel policy, care for safety and working conditions, as well as staff development opportunities.

“We are very glad and proud about the recognition we have received. The Solid Employer confirms that we are on the right course. At the same time, it also motivates us to consistently build excellence in our organisation, especially in this extremely important area”, says Andrzej Zygadło, Global HR Director at Selena Group“We try to be an increasingly better employer each year. We carry out regular job satisfaction and employee engagement surveys. We believe that our people are the creators of all Selena’s successes. For over 28 years of existence, we have built a strong team of professionals who bring passion into international projects and take on new challenges. Some of us have been with the company since the very beginning and can boast over 20 years of experience with Selena”, he adds.

At present, Selena Group is one of the four largest producers of mounting foams in the world. In Poland and abroad, the Group employs specialists from many different fields, including production, logistics, sales, marketing, finance, IT and R&D. From the point of view of benefits for employees, in the domestic market the company is distinguished by the capability of comprehensive product development and work on international interdisciplinary projects. Teams participate in the entire life cycle of a particular product: from development of innovative solutions, to production at Selena’s own plants, promotion with support from Marketing, to sales through sales forces.

Andrzej Zygadło emphasises: “We pay a lot of attention to the way we cooperate with each other and how relationships are built within the team and with superiors. We believe that every idea can help in creating new possibilities that translate into the company’s success. With this business model we can effectively achieve our goals.

*** Picture was taken in 2019 ***

Selena is one of the few Polish companies with an international reach. It has been building its prestige since 1992. Over this time, it has established a group of 35 companies operating in 17 countries. Selena’s manufacturing plants are located in Poland, Brazil, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey, Spain and Kazakhstan.

The Solid Employer 2020 award is another significant distinction awarded to Selena Group recently. The Wrocław-based company was honoured by the European Economic Congress with the “Investor Without Borders” title, and received the “Now Poland” (“Teraz Polska”) emblem for the TYTAN Professional 60 SECONDS foam adhesive. The award, together with the European distinction and the employer’s reliability confirmed by the competition, define the long-term economic perspective for Selena Group.

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