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Selena Group: modern construction chemicals create value for man and the environment

Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – […]

Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – for several years now has been marketing modern construction chemistry solutions which lower CO2 emissions, ensure higher heat insulation and meet the requirements of the EU’s climate policy. The use of these products reduces the noise level and increases protection against high or low temperature in the building, which increases the comfort of the people living or working in it.

When looking for solutions to work with, both manufacturers of building materials and builders for whom these materials are intended should take into account three aspects:

• safety – for the people who will live or work in the buildings

• natural environment – in terms of direct contact by workers and inhabitants, but in a broader sense – in the context of environmental impact of the materials production or the construction process, among other things

• construction efficiency – understood as the speed of development.

“The innovation process, carried out mainly by R&D laboratories of construction companies from around the world, generates such effects as reduction of emissions of various types of gases. Thermal and noise insulation is increased, and so is protection against noise and corrosion. At Selena Group, such solutions for construction are developed by Selena Labs, our team of R&D experts. Innovative product formulations are developed for more than 100 markets in which Tytan products are sold. However, we do not create these solutions on our own. Most of the products that Selena puts on global markets are the result of cooperation with users. With cooperation between chemists from our laboratories and construction workers – who use these products on a daily basis – we are able to create products responding to their needs. For example, COOL-R® – a coating which reduces the thermal effect, or the Tytan Professional Energy 2020 foam, as well as mounting adhesives based on hybrid technology eliminating the need for nails”, says Krzysztof Domarecki, CEO of Selena Group.

Selena consistently launches products that reduce heat loss in buildings and external noise, and which also increase the comfort of living in an apartment or building. Tytan Professional Energy 2020 is a foam characterised by high thermal insulation as it reduces heat loss at window edges to 60% – at relatively low environmental costs in terms of the foam’s production.

Similarly, foam adhesives – a new class of products in which Selena is a world leader. The use of foam adhesive lines, e.g. for bonding partition walls, polystyrene boards or plasterboards, is significantly less burdensome for the environment than building by means of any other technology. The added benefits include time savings for builders thanks to the foam’s short cure time and easy application. When using foam adhesives on the construction site, no water or electricity is needed, which has a positive effect on the environment and projects costs while increasing the contractor’s comfort.

Selena also develops solutions which reduce the demand for energy – for both heating and cooling. One of such solutions is the COOL-R® waterproofing roof coating, which protects roofs in logistics centres and manufacturing plants against excessive absorption of heat from solar radiation. The coating is increasingly used in southern European countries, and due to global warming has a chance to be used almost all over the world. Both solutions generate savings on the cooling and heating energy. COOL-R® is a certified product. It obtained the International Product Declaration (EPD) from the Building Research Institute, and the GREEN CARD from DEKRA, the certification company. In addition, COOL-R® also received Type II declaration in accordance with ISO 14012, which confirms reduction of electricity consumption, and obtained the ITB EKO label.

The above solutions are developed by a team of R&D experts – Selena Labs, located in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. Selena Labs is the first Polish company leading a project implemented by an international consortium under the Horizon 2020 programme. Under the EENSULATE project, Selena Group’s R&D Centre received a grant for developing and implementing a system of polyurethane foams and foam adhesives with advanced insulation properties. This is a part of Horizon 2020, the largest research and innovation funding programme in the history of the European Union, with a budget of nearly EUR 80 billion. In addition to EENSULATE, under Horizon 2020, Selena Labs participates in the BioMotive project (also part of Horizon 2020), which is designed to pave the ground towards the production and subsequent sale of components based on biorenewable, crop-based raw materials.

„Construction of the future – fast and modern building generates value for both man and the environment. In this regard, it is key to ensure cooperation between all the parties in the sector – contractors, manufacturers, government representatives and the business environment. It is essential to listen to the voice of end users and actively respond to their real needs, while observing global megatrends related to, for example, global warming and the more challenging environmental conditions. Effective experience-sharing and coordination of all the elements of the construction process chain are key to successful development of the industry while showing respect to our planet. Socially responsible companies have a chance to become leaders in their segments”, Krzysztof Domarecki adds.

Selected examples of modern, certified Selena Group solutions which are environmentally friendly:

EMICODE EC1 Plus and French VOC A+ certificates:

• Tytan Professional Ecological Adhesive – based on water dispersion, resistant to mould and fungus, paintable, almost odourless, solvent-free, with a strong initial grip

• Tytan Professional FIX2 Elastic – hybrid adhesive resistant to mould and fungus, paintable, odourless and solvent-free

• Tytan Professional FIX2 Clear – paintable hybrid adhesive, odourless and solvent-free

• Tytan Professional Turbo Sanitary Silicone – silicone resistant to mould and fungus; becomes water resistant in just two hours after application; BREEAM certificate.

EMICODE EC1 Plus certificate:

• Acrylics produced at the Italian Uniflex production plant – phthalate-free acrylic sealants, paintable, odourless

• Tytan Professional FIX2 GT – hybrid adhesive resistant to mould and mildew, paintable, odourless, solvent-free, with a strong initial grip

French VOC A+ certificate:

• Tytan Professional Neutral Sanitary Silicone: Perfect Bathroom – resistant to mould and fungus, almost odorless, does not become yellow, also has a BREEAM certificate

Clean air in the room – we care about your health!

Indoor air hygiene is an important factor when choosing building materials. To achieve the best possible indoor air quality and thus protect health and the environment, users can put their trust in materials with the EMICODE® EC1PLUS quality mark.

What is EMICODE®?

EMICODE® is a system for quality control and classification of building materials in terms of the level of emissions of harmful substances. Materials classified as “very low emitting” have the GEV EMICODE® EC1PLUS label and offer the highest safety standard for indoor air.

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