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Selena Group is investing in new technologies in the ceramics and insulation segment

Selena Group – a global manufacturer of construction chemicals – is investing in new technologies and production solutions and expanding […]

Selena Group – a global manufacturer of construction chemicals – is investing in new technologies and production solutions and expanding its portfolio of revolutionary ceramics and insulation products. An advanced technology is primarily about investments in new production solutions. To gain the widest possible access to growing foreign markets, Selena Group is upgrading its existing production lines not only in Poland, but also in Kazakhstan and Romania. Combined with the R&D team’s efforts, these investments give rise to innovative products: as the first company in Europe, Selena has just launched in Poland a range of fibre-enhanced gel adhesives under the Tytan Professional brand.

“What drives any innovative business is its close cooperation with the market and the search for solutions responding to market needs. This is why for 25 years Selena has maintained focus on developing its R&D area, with our internal R&D centres in Poland, China, Turkey and Spain, where formulations are developed for all our innovative products, such as energy-saving thermal insulation systems which eliminate thermal bridges, for example the revolutionary IS 13 adhesive. It is thanks to such products that Selena and the Tytan brand help their customers in a modern way to develop their business”, says Roman Owczarek, Head of the Business Unit ETICS Construction Chemicals (ECC) at Selena FM SA.

However, product development is more than just advanced technology – above all, it means investing in new production solutions. For this reason, Selena Group has been upgrading its existing production lines, not only in Poland, but also in Kazakhstan and Romania, to ensure the widest possible access to developing foreign markets.

Development of competitive products and comprehensive product solution systems for modern construction chemicals is only possible thanks to the synergies of intensive activities in the technological and production area. The latest effect of those activities in the ECC division is the highly flexible gel adhesives reinforced with fibers – Tytan Professional Superflex Gel and Flex Gel, products which are innovative on a European scale”, adds Roman Owczarek.

The technology used in the new Tytan products, which premiered at this year’s PSB Fair, is particularly addressed to the rapidly growing segment of large format tiles, where a greater resistance to deformation, a better transfer of stress resulting from substrate behaviour or temperature changes plus a working temperature of up to 35˚C are essential parameters of the adhesive. Quite importantly, depending on the amount of water added, these adhesives assume the properties of a zero-slip adhesive or a thin-spread adhesive, so they replace two different products with different parameters. The benefits resulting from the new formulation of hybrid adhesives include faster, easier and safer work for contractors in addition to ensuring the best parameters for users. The combination of the two technologies in the Tytan Professional tile adhesive is the first solution of this kind in the European market, which has not been developed by any other company before.

Andrzej Ulfig, the CEO of Selena SA“Ever since its inception in 1992, Selena SA has been striving to improve the work of contractors, while investing in innovations which we put on the market from time to time. We take bold decisions which help us create products that set new standards and define new boundaries”, says Andrzej Ulfig, the CEO of Selena SA.

Poland is the first market in which the new fibre-enhanced adhesives will be launched. The Group also plans to roll out these products to other countries in Europe.

“The position of a leader in some construction chemical segments puts an imperative on us to try and keep one step ahead of the competition. This also applies to the areas that until now have been non-core in our business, specifically such as tile adhesives. We have noticed that contractors value both solutions – gel adhesives and fiber-reinforced adhesives. So we decided to accommodate their expectations by offering a product combining both of these features, while taking a rightly claimed position in this segment, says Andrzej Ulfig.

Together with the premiere of innovative fibre-enhanced gel adhesives, the whole line of Tytan Professional tile adhesives will be upgraded, both in terms of product formulations and packaging design. Modern, hybrid bags will facilitate the transport of products and protect them against moisture, while the improved composition will yield even better performance.

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