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Selena Group expanding in Romania

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry – is enhancing its competitive position in Romania where further […]

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry – is enhancing its competitive position in Romania where further economic growth and development of construction sector are predicted. After the acquisition of Euro MGA, Selena is extending the product offer, launching a new product website, and expanding thanks to a modern manufacturing plant. The Selena Group also set up R&D lab working on new formulas for insulation systems.

New EUROMGA logo

Selena has been present in Romania for 14 years. Since 2000, Group has been marketing polyurethane foams, sealants and adhesives under brands such as: TYTAN, Hauser and Artelit. The next step was to extend the product offering with building systems and accessories along with waterproofing products. In order to develop further – in 2012, the Selena Group acquired Euro MGA with its new, unfinished manufacturing plant that enabled the production of wet plasters and dry mortars. One of key features of the new plant is the research and development lab for insulation systems. The new product offering in Romania includes products such as: exterior silicone plaster, ready to use internal plaster, flexible grout, cement spray plaster and screed. New website ensures a broader reach for consumers interested in Selena Group`s offer on the local market. It will also help build business relations in Romania. New visual identity along with the new MGA logo will offer additional reinforcement to the Romanian brand of insulation systems in Selena’s portfolio.

MGA compound in RomaniaCurrent economic situation in Romania is judged by the experts as positive. The World Bank predicts GDP growth in 2014 to remain at 2.5 % . Low rates of inflation and unemployment tend to reinforce positive trends in the economy, and further growth in exports and development of capital market can be additional driving force. Furthermore – thanks to increased absorption of capital from structural funds – in the near future a revival in the Romanian construction sector and new investments in the residential and commercial property are expected.

Romania has years of intense growth construction projects ahead. Therefore, we are introducing new products here and providing our offer under our local brand MGA with which we acquired a production plant. Our goal is to increase our market share in the local market of construction chemistry, but also to get closer to the user – in line with our new mission statement: ’Together we deliver better building performance’. We are convinced that such actions will strengthen our position in Romania „- said Jaroslaw Michniuk, Selena CEO.

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