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Selena Group diversifies production – a disinfectant instead of an adhesive

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Selena Group – one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals […]

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Selena Group – one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – smoothly diversified its production by expanding it with Tytan Health, a sanitizer which has attracted a lot of interest from customers. For this purpose, Selena used the processing capacity of the adhesives production line to make a disinfectant which was in a short supply in the market at that time. In cooperation with local authorities as part of the #SelenaHelps campaign, the first batch – 10,000 packages – was transferred by the company free of charge to over 50 entities, including hospitals and medical facilities from Lower Silesia, children from the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation, and seniors. #SelenaHelps is one of the elements of the company’s CSR policy.

“Selena Group has been involved in helping the local community for years. In the initial period of the pandemic, we were thinking about how we could contribute to ensuring safety: not only for our customers, but also for our employees and the local community – medical personnel who were most exposed to the virus. The decision was made very quickly: we are launching the production of a sanitizer called Tytan HEALTH. We adopted a multi-channel approach: the R&D Department worked on the formulation; the Legal Department on product registration; Marketing – on communication, and the manufacturing plant – on retrofitting the production line. Interestingly, thanks to the combination of appropriate equipment and expertise, we were able to adapt the production line of the Libra manufacturing plant in Dzierżoniów, previously used for the production of adhesives, to enable the production of the sanitizer while maintaining the highest quality standards. With a joint effort, the project was a success. And so, at the time when sanitizers were practically unavailable in the market, we were able – in cooperation with the Mayor of Wrocław and the Governor of the Lower Silesia Province, among others – to donate a significant 10,000 packages of the sanitizer, 500 ml each, to Lower Silesian medical centers. We also made a donation to children from the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation which helps families with terminally ill children. In addition, we joined the “Face mask for the senior” („Maseczka dla seniora”) campaign organized by the Marshal’s Office. Of course, we provided the sanitizer to our offices as well. By starting our own production at that time that was difficult for all, we kept our eyes open to the needs of others! It is a very uplifting experience”, says Magdalena Iwaniec, Director of the Management Board Office of Selena FM SA.

Selena Group donated sanitizers to e.g. the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław, and to smaller hospitals operating in Lower Silesia, e.g. the Poviat Hospital in Dzierżoniów and the Poviat Hospital in Chełmża as well as to other medical facilities, including the District Clinic in Świerzawa. Support was granted to entities from Lower Silesia, and to those operating in the locations where Selena has its manufacturing plants (Chełmża, Gorlice). In June, when some employees returned to their offices, as a safety precaution, each of them received a “Welcome Back” package with personal protective equipment, including the Tytan HEALTH sanitizer. In addition, the offices were equipped with protective masks, gloves and sanitizers produced by Selena.

A donation was also made to the children from the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation, with which Selena has been cooperating since last year.

“The pandemic period is a very difficult time for everyone, but it is particularly severe for the children from our Foundation – terminally ill children and their families. As a result of the restrictions introduced in our country, the children could not undergo their rehabilitation therapies. Due to their health condition, this caused many serious consequences such as recurrence of health problems or aggravation of disabilities. Many of our children have very low immunity and are exposed to numerous diseases. For this reason, most of them need to constantly use protective equipment and disinfectants, things which were hardly available during the pandemic, or if they were available – their prices increased significantly. Therefore, the sanitizers from Selena were a great help for our children. We were overjoyed. The sanitizers will certainly last for long, protecting the health of terminally ill children. We are very grateful to Selena for thinking about our Foundation and those most at risk of virus infection due to a lack of immunity. The Foundation looks after children with the most severe diseases – four limb cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and cancer. Terminally ill children who stay at their homes. I’d like to thank you very much on their behalf”, says Sylwia Zarzycka, President of the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation.

Tytan HEALTH is Selena Group’s new product line – the first series of this type for disinfection, minimizing the risk of virus infection. It was created during the coronavirus pandemic, in response to the needs of users – construction workers and their families, as well as all other people who care about health and hygiene. Tytan HEALTH formulation complies with the WHO (World Health Organization) standard for disinfectants. Tytan HEALTH disinfects and cleans without the use of soap and water. With added glycerin, it does not dry hands, and additionally lubricates the skin. The handy packaging of 500 ml makes it easy to carry it, including during travel. The product received a marketing authorization from the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. The hand sanitizer can be purchased through standard orders placed at the sales department or at Tytan HEALTH.

In addition, the employees of the Selena Group engaged in another way to help the needy: they produced face shields and respirators with replaceable filters, and transferred them to hospitals free of charge. They acquired all the materials for making the face shields, and 3D printers at their own initiative, supported by the company. Selena Group also participated in the campaign organized by the Marshal’s Office, called “Face mask for the senior” (“Maseczka dla seniora”).

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