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Selena Group: COOL-R receives the International Product Declaration and GREEN CARD

COOL-R, the innovative product of Selena FM SA – the global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and the owner […]

COOL-R, the innovative product of Selena FM SA – the global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand – obtained the International Product Declaration (EPD) from the Building Research Institute, and the GREEN CARD from the certification company DEKRA. In addition, COOL-R also received Type II declaration in accordance with ISO 14012, which confirms reduction of electricity consumption and obtained the ITB EKO label. COOL-R is a highly reflective, waterproofing roof coating which reduces the temperature of a roof by as much as 70%, so the temperature inside the building can be lowered by significant 10ºC. This significantly affects many aspects of operation of buildings – improves working conditions and the comfort of workers in buildings covered with the COOL-R and reduces the operating costs of buildings and their energy consumption.

The EPD for construction products is awarded by the Building Research Institute. It describes the environmental impact of a product, being an important document for sustainable construction products. One of the certification systems for sustainable construction is LEED. By using COOL-R on the roof, we can obtain as many as nine credits in LEED v4 certification – according to the Green Card.

Mercado Central de Pescados - of Europe’s largest fish market located in Madrid

The type III environmental declaration – the so-called EPD – issued to Selena, contains verified information on environmental impacts associated with the production of the COOL-R product, expressed through 24 indicators, including the volume of carbon dioxide emissions, the consumption of energy and non-energy resources. Since 2014, Building Research Institute is a founding member of the European association of operators of life cycle analysis (LCA) and environmental type III declarations. This demonstrates the quality of published environmental information and ensures mutual recognition of EPD in associated countries” – states dr inż. Justyna Tomaszewska, Building Research Institute, Department of Thermal Physics, Acoustics and the Environment.

Jacek Goszczyński, Deputy Director of Waterproofing Division, Selena FM SA

„In Poland, like elsewhere in the world, environmental issues in the area of architecture and construction are becoming more and more important. Selena has been giving serious consideration to issues related to energy efficiency and pro-environmental building materials. We are putting on the market solutions optimising the energy efficiency of buildings (COOL-R) and increasing the size of green spaces in urban areas – thanks to green roofs that use the TACK-R system. In the case of the COOL-R project, we reduce the demand for electricity necessary for cooling rooms – in consequence, the amount of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere is lowered. We also contribute to lower the consumption of resources and minimize of human costs. The need to use air-conditioning is diminished, thus reducing the costs of its operation and electricity. In addition, our product allows to maintain a stable temperature in the interiors, which is crucial e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also important to increase the comfort of employees, which affects their well-being and efficiency of performance. We care for the natural environment, which due to the urbanization process becomes a key issue for maintaining the balance and comfort of living of inhabitants. For this reason, thanks to the declared standards and parameters of our products, we create a competitive, attractive and pro-environmental portfolio of solutions in project sales for both architects and general contractors, conducive to expanding B2B business” – says Jacek Goszczyński, Deputy Director of Waterproofing Division, Selena FM SA.

COOL-R demonstrates Selena Group’s responsible and effective approach to the EU guidelines regarding implementation of solutions that support sustainable construction. The technology developed by Selena is another proof of the company’s potential, built on the basis of 25 years’ experience and a strong scientific back-up of laboratories located in Poland, China, Spain and in Turkey.

The COOL-R coating

“The COOL-R coating has no counterpart on the market and ensures very high efficiency. The technology was designed to achieve the highest Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). The SRI is a function of two key parameters: reflectivity, which is a measure of the ability to reflect solar radiation, and emissivity – the ability to release the absorbed heat. Thanks to its unique technology, the innovative COOL-R coating has an extremely high SRI of 107, which makes it one of the best solution in the European market. The COOL-R project allows us to create a completely new quality and value in the global roofing market. With the innovative construction chemistry product, our customers also get a guarantee of higher work comfort and reduced running costs of buildings. This is another proof that Selena is one of the leaders promoting modern, global solutions in construction chemistry on the international stage” – says Sebastian Adamiecki, Technical Department Manager, Selena FM SA.

A year ago, COOL-R was used on the roof of Europe’s largest fish market located in Madrid. The innovative solution, which combines the function of roof cooling and water-resistance, was applied as part of renovation of the 33 thousand m2 building of Mercado Central de Pescados. It was only thanks to the application of Selena’s solution that the temperature inside the building dropped by 7°C. This has a direct impact on lowering the building’s cooling costs and improving the comfort of work in addition to reducing losses of the goods sold and facility operating costs.

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