Selena Group bets on innovation again!

The Group has launched innovative sealing and insulating products: Tytan Professional Rapid Acrylic Filler and Tytan EOS Adhesive for XPS […]

The Group has launched innovative sealing and insulating products: Tytan Professional Rapid Acrylic Filler and Tytan EOS Adhesive for XPS boards and polystyrene. The new products were for the first time presented during the 8th edition of the PSB Construction Fair that took place in Kielce in 15-18 April. Selena’s stand also displayed roofing felt and shingles of Matizol.

Development of products and expansion of the portfolio with new product lines is a key element of the growth strategy announced by Selena during its IPO in April 2008. In addition to expanding its range of sealants and insulations, Selena Group has substantially broadened its array of roofing products as a result of acquisition of Izolacja – Matizol SA of Gorlice, finalised in March 2010. The key assumption of the Group is to add Matizol products to Selena’s distribution network and upgrade the production facilities of the acquired company to increase production. Also, Selena is gradually introducing to new markets its 3600 Applicator, a solution for application of sealants in hard-to-reach places. Tytan Professional silicones, acrylic and specialist sealants equipped with the new applicator are already sold in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine.

The new products, which debuted at the PSB Fair, are already available in the PSB construction materials wholesale chain across Poland.

The constant development of the product range of Selena Group is an effect of the extensive projects undertaken by our Research & Development functions. By doing this, Selena can successfully meet its strategic objective, which is to undertake innovative initiatives to gain competitive advantage and meet customer expectations. Our products meet the key expectations of the end-users: they are easy-to-use and warrant durable effects” – said Agnieszka E. Szymańska, head of the Sealants Business Unit.

The Tytan Professional Rapid Acrylic Filler is recommended for sealing cracks, splits and seams in porous building materials and similar defects on the external surface of buildings. Selena’s another brand new product is the Tytan EOS Adhesive for XPS boards and polystyrene. It is used for joining insulation materials when installing thermal insulation of foundations, cellar walls and other below-ground portions of the building.

In 2009, Selena’s R&D activity was recognised by the selection panel of 2000 Companies List sponsored by the Rzeczpospolita daily. The Group found itself among the 60 most innovative companies selected out of the 2000 that made their way to the list.

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