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Selena Group – a new management board member

The Supervisory Board of Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and owner of the […]

The Supervisory Board of Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and owner of the TYTAN brand – has appointed Marek Tomanek, who has background in the automotive sector, to the Management Board as Chief Operating Officer. He will take up his new function as of 25 May 2020 and will be responsible for the Selena Group’s global operations.

„I’m happy to be able to join Selena’s team. There are new challenges ahead of me. I’d like to understand the new business as soon as possible and meet people I’ll be working with. I plan to visit production plants and learn about the technology and processes so I can become a partner for the whole team in the shortest time possible. I appreciate good cooperation and teamwork. I put customers, safety and ethical business conduct at the heart of everything I do. I hope that I will be able to use my operational knowledge gained in the automotive industry in many operational areas across Selena Group”Marek Tomanek says.

Marek Tomanek has an Executive MBA degree from the University of Minnesota and a degree from the Warsaw School of Economics. He graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice. He also studied at the Silesian International Business School in Katowice and completed post-graduate studies at the Jacek Santorski Academy of Leadership Psychology at the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology.

In the years 2008–2020, he worked with Eaton Corporation. He held various positions related to operations. For two years, he served as factory manager at Eaton’s plant in Bielsko-Biała, progressing to plant director, a role he held for five years. Next he was appointed operational director for strategy in Europe. In this role, in 2016-2017 he was responsible for implementing and coordinating strategies and activities in the area of operational excellence, savings and investments in the region. Then, for six months, he managed a motor valve manufacturing plant in Germany. Since the end of 2017, he served as COO for six plants in Europe, and in January 2018, he became fully responsible for the operational side of manufacturing components and systems for cars and trucks in Europe. This role covered eight production plants in five European countries. He also assisted in the launch of new production lines, introduced Industry 4.0 solutions, supported the project valuation system, worked on culture and safety improvement in the region, dealt with the expansion of existing production plants as well as closures and restructuring of the remaining ones in order to achieve the region’s expected financial performance.

In 2002–2008, he worked for Valeo as lean production system manager. He became a certified trainer for the Valeo production system in the area of lean manufacturing. He managed the transfer of the plant to a new production building, and was responsible for the integration of operational activities with other production lines. He planned the arrangement of machines and production flow for several product families. Over the next two years, he was responsible for the launch of a new product line for a plant in Kraków, running autonomous production units. Over the following two years he managed the entire plan operations as an operational manager. He was responsible for performance in terms of costs, quality, safety and productivity of a wiper systems plant in Kraków.

In 1998–2002, he worked with Ford Polska in Płońsk and Vistula S.A. in Kraków as a specialist and a manager, dealing with production planning, engineering changes, production parts logistics, warehouse centralization, procurement, cost-saving programs and quality.

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