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Selena FM: GMS approved dividend payment

Selena Group’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders – as recommended by Selena FM S.A. Management Board – approved dividend payment […]

Selena Group’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders – as recommended by Selena FM S.A. Management Board – approved dividend payment from the 2016 profit in the amount of PLN 0,30 per share, over PLN 6.85 million in total. Record date is set for August 1st and the dividend payment date is set for August 16th 2017.

In 2016 Selena achieved sales revenues of PLN 1 013.8 million. The Group recorded sales growth i. a. in Brasil (by 21%), USA (by 21%), Turkey (by 15%), Spain (by 2%) and in Central Europe (by 8%). Group’s profit amounted to PLN 32.2 million in the analyzed period – 5.4 million higher than in 2015. EBIT reached the level of PLN 35.6 million. The company’s results were achieved in spite of the fact that 2016 was a year of many challenges not only for Selena Group but for the whole construction sector and many associated branches.

„The dividend payout is a proof of the company’s good condition and perspectives for further growth. In the coming months we will focus primarily on further operational optimization, creating an advantage on international markets and consistent development of distribution network. We will achieve this with the help of our well-developed R&D department, that creates solutions which our competition doesn’t have and through further integration of the Italian company Uniflex – in March we acquired 64% of the company’s shares. Uniflex is a producer of modern acrylics, through which Selena will be able to achieve in Western Europe a leading position in production of construction chemicals. I am convinced that the Group is ready for it and will consistently increase its share of the international markets in all segments” – said Jean-Noël Fourel, Selena FM SA President of the Management Board.

Selena Group’s major events in 2016 and 2017:

Activities on foreign markets improving production capacity and sale values within Group‘s companies:

  • Italy – acquisition of 64% shares in Uniflex company, which will allow for a significant boost in production capabilities and strengthening of Group’s position in Western Europe – in particular in acrylic products sector
  • Kazakhstan – opening of the latest factory and distribution centre in “Astana, The New City” Special Economic Zone, which will significantly boost production capabilities of the Group in this region. In addition Selena attended the Poland-Kazakhstan Economic Forum which was organized next to visit in Poland of President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbajew 
  • China – establishing a joint venture company based on an agreement between Selena Nantong Building Materials Co. Ltd and Shanghai Haozheng Construction Engineering Co. Ltd – a Chinese company operating on PU foam and other construction chemicals market
  • Brazil – introduction of 6 new products to the South American market 
  • Russia – presentation of innovative products and strategy for further development of Selena Vostok and attendance in the biggest fairs in the region – MosBuild.

Implementation of many innovative products – result of Group’s advanced R&D works:

  • COOL-R – highly reflective roof coating that combines the benefits of temperature reduction inside the building and provides an excellent waterproofing membrane for the roof
  • 60 SECONDS– innovative foam adhesive (FOAM ADHESIVE division, a new category on the construction chemicals market that describes adhesives in the form of foam), which provides fast initial tack after only 60 seconds and does not expand
  • IS 13 – Fast Adhesive for ETICS – recommended for mounting insulation boards (FOAM ADHESIVE division) – this product reduces and simplifies the process of building insulation
  • NoEM Electro Protector – product in the form of white paint and a primer which absorbs 99% of the low frequency electric field.

Appointment of the new Management Board and managers in order to increase Selena efficiency in global operations:

  • Jean-Noël Fourel – Chairman of the Board
  • Marcin Macewicz – Vice President of the Management Board, Sales & Marketing
  • Huberta Rozpędek – Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer
  • Agata Gładysz – Member of the Management Board, Development Director
  • Lorenzo Riboni – Director of the Western Region Division
  • Maciej Lubomski – Waterproofing Division Director
  • Roman Owczarek – ETICS & Construction Chemicals Division Director
  • Sylwia Gołuchowska – Group HR Director

This year Selena Group celebrates its 25th anniversary. Established in 1992, Selena currently sells in more than 70 markets around the world. The company is constantly focused on delivering customer-oriented solutions in its application driven approach. Thanks to this, Selena constantly develops her business but also supports the development of its clients’ business. The Group’s Management Board is implementing savings and optimization projects and is focusing on increasing the share of high margin products. Thanks to this approach, the company achieved positive results in 2016 and revenues exceeded 1 billion PLN. This increase is the result of the optimization of operational activities, the creation of competitive advantages in international markets – especially through innovative and unmatched products, as well as the consistent development of the distribution network. At the same time, the company runs training programs for its customers, recognizing the need to provide them with the unique benefits that Selena products offer.

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