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Selena encourages sustainable development

Selena Group has organised an international scientific conference on innovation and sustainable development in the construction sector. The event has […]

Selena Group has organised an international scientific conference on innovation and sustainable development in the construction sector. The event has started today in Wrocław and will continue till 17 December. Representatives of Selena Group’s international Research & Development teams shall meet with the guest experts to present and discuss trends in research, courses for development and legal standards and regulation that encourage energetic effectiveness and sustainable building.

Innovation and development of the product offer are some of the key points in Selena Group’s strategy for growth. The Group owns laboratories in Poland, Spain, China and Turkey, where new formulas and solutions are researched. Their findings regularly result in product novelties being launched by Selena. Some of them are: Durability& Comfort sealant line, transparent mounting adhesives or Tytan O2 polyurethane foams – which do not emit harmful fumes during application. One of Selena’s objectives for R&D is creating technologies that follow the idea of sustainable development – i.e. technologies that are safe to the environment and user’s health. It is these technologies and trends that will be discussed during the conference.

In such specific business as ours, taking care of the environment and offering customers solutions safe for them must be a priority. Selena is one of those companies, whose business strategy ingrains the idea of sustainable development. It means that when generating innovations, we do our best to foresee their future influence on people and environment” – says Krzysztof Domarecki, CEO of Selena Group.

The speakers in the two-day-long conference will represent organisations for sustainable development; among others the President of the Polish Green Building Council, Agnes Vorbrodt-Schurma and dr Aleksander Panek – the President of the National Energy Conservation Agency. Other guest-experts include dr Jürgen Wegner, whose field of expertise is research and development for chemical industrial technologies and Joanna Bocheńska, Patent Attorney co-operating with the Warsaw University of Technology, among others.

The first day of the conference will be devoted to the development of innovative products, plans, strategy and directions for research and development. The second day will entail a more general discussion on the idea of sustainable development, technologies tied to it and possibilities for patents and certification.

Consideration given to the rules of environmental protection and implementing solutions favouring energetic efficiency are vital to the operations of any company. We hope this conference is the beginning for an entire cycle of meetings on the subject. We would like other Polish companies to follow our example” – says Mr. Domarecki.

Selena operates in more than 50 countries, through its trade companies located in 17 countries. Following its strategy, the Group steadily develops export, through entering further markets and launching new products. Selena’s flagship Brand Tytan – present, among others, in Poland, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria – is now available in Italy. Innovative products and the Group’s dynamic growth are valued not only in Poland, but also abroad. Earlier this year, Selena has been distinguished as a Large Pearl of the Polish Economy. The Group’s products in Kazakhstan have been distinguished with the National Emblem of Quality „Trustworthy”.

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