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Selena celebrates its 20th anniversary in Hungary

Selena Hungária, one of the first foreign companies of Selena Group, celebrated its 20 years of operations in Hungary. For […]

Sławomir Majchrowski, Jerzy Snopek, Krzysztof Domarecki, Tamas Farkas

Selena Hungária, one of the first foreign companies of Selena Group, celebrated its 20 years of operations in Hungary. For the global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals, the two decades in the country have been a business success; the company put in strong performance even during the difficult time of the pandemic. The celebrations held in the Hungarian city of Pécs were accompanied by the launch of a new warehouse.

At the beginning of December, Selena Hungária Kft. celebrated its 20th anniversary with representatives of Polish institutions operating in Hungary. The event took place at Selena’s headquarters in Pécs. The guests were, among others: Jerzy Snopek, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in Hungary, Marcin Karaskiewicz, Director of the Office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in Budapest, Krzysztof Domarecki, the main shareholder of Selena Group, Sławomir Majchrowski, member of the Group’s management board & CCO, as well as employees, local partners, and customers.

Jerzy Snopek, Tamas Farkas, Krzysztof Domarecki

“The company is one of the finest examples of Polish-Hungarian cooperation, which grows strongly, is fruitful and based on cultural similarities of both nations. The joint activities of Poland and Hungary also benefit the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Selena Hungária has been present in Hungary for 20 years, and is performing increasingly better every year, even though the world is still struggling with the pandemic”, said the Polish ambassador to Hungary Jerzy Snopek.

Thanks to the consistent execution of its 2019–2022 strategy, Selena Hungária not only emerged unscathed from the global challenges of the last two years, but also cemented its market position. In 2021, it posted a major, two-digit growth compared to 2019, and thanks to tight cost management and appropriate product diversification, the company reported high revenues.

Tamas Farkas, Krzysztof Domarecki, Jerzy Snopek, Sławomir Majchrowski

Today, the Hungarian company has nearly 1,000 active partners and distributors, and Selena’s products are delivered to them within 24 hours throughout the country. “We have built this network gradually over the years of active cooperation, winning the trust of customers who appreciated the benefits of our innovative materials, and our ambitions. This wouldn’t have been possible without consistent building of our team – a group of committed staff employees, including the core ones, who have been with the firm for 10 years. And I’m one of them, as I joined Selena when I was 31. I was probably the youngest general manager in its history. Selena Group gave me a chance and real opportunity to shape the company and its position in our market”, says Tamás Farkas, the managing director of Selena Hungária Kft.

“Selena Hungária was one of our first companies set up outside of Poland. When we entered the Hungarian market back in 2001, we were ready to become a major player here. The more so as our innovative, high-yield mounting foam Tytan 65 debuted a year earlier. This product quickly revolutionized the window and door segment and became the cornerstone of Selena Hungária’s success”, notes Krzysztof Domarecki, the founder and main shareholder of Selena Group.

For years, Selena Hungária has maintained a strong foothold in the Hungarian construction chemicals market – it is the undisputed leader in the segment of foam adhesives. Selena’s greatest success in Hungary was Tytan Professional 60 SECONDS, which has become the most widely used mounting foam among building contractors.

Sławomir Majchrowski, Tamas Farkas

The success of Selena Hungária is owed to the innovative Tytan Professional products, the exemplary cooperation of Central European members of Selena Group and the cooperation with our external partners. Last but not least, this is also the result of the unique, family atmosphere in the Hungarian team. In the difficult year 2020, it was the Hungarians who achieved the best sales results in the Group”, said Sławomir Majchrowski, the CCO.

Selena Group in Hungary

The robust financial results and development plans are also reflected in infrastructure projects of the Hungarian company. The 20th anniversary celebration coincided with the launch of a new warehouse in Pécs. Additional warehouse space means not only greater logistic capabilities for the company, with even better service for partners and customers, but also new jobs. The new project will also ensure a more energy-efficient distribution process for the products offered by Selena Group, which has been invariably committed to sustainable development for years.

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