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Selena Bohemia launches a promotional campaign for Tytan EOS

Selena Bohemia – a member of Selena Group – is launching a promotional campaign for the newest brand in its […]

Selena Bohemia – a member of Selena Group – is launching a promotional campaign for the newest brand in its portfolio – Tytan EOS. Czech Republic is the next country to market professional insulation systems Tytan EOS. Broadening Selena’s product offer is one of the key aspects in the company’s strategy focused on reaching new markets and developing exports.

Selena Group – present in more than 50 countries – consequently brings Tytan Professional to new markets. Being the Group’s key brand, the top-class products target professional contractors who perform both construction and finishing works. Insulation systems Tytan Professional EOS – whose promotional campaign Selena Bohemia is now launching – cover an entire range of insulation products with a complementary offer of adhesives, mortars, grouts and paints, among others. Apart from this line, Selena Bohemia is also going to market further new products very soon. Selena’s products are formulated and developed by the Group’s R&D teams whose job is to ensure constantly high standards of new products, which they do with a lot of success.

Part of the promotional campaign for Tytan EOS in Bohemia will be a series of trainings and days of open doors for the customers of various construction merchants’, professional building contractors. The step to follow, will be the implementation of a modern piece of software that – in a more advanced version – has already won acclaim in Poland. The appy will let individual customers, professional contractors and designers plan the optimal insulation for a house – depending on its location – or emulate the colour and texture of the outside walls using Tytan EOS products.

Bringing Tytan EOS to the Czech market is a step in our strategy. Globalisation lets us cross boundaries and seize opportunities to profit from entering new markets. We want our products – valued in Poland, Brazil, China and Kazakhstan, among others – to be available for all the countries we operate in. In today’s world, research and development is crucial to remaining competitive in the world markets. That’s why Selena’s R&D department is essential when it comes to developing new products and improving the existing offer. It is vital that European companies take part in creating world innovation, thus, being significant partners in the global market” – says Krzysztof Domarecki, CEO of Selena Group.

Czech is becoming a more and more attractive market due to improving standards of living, growing consumer expectations and forecasted growth of individual consumption (by 2% in 2011, 2.3% in 2012). From January to August 2010, industrial production went 9.6% up on the corresponding period of the previous year. What’s more, building sector accounts for 6.5% of the Czech economy. And Tytan is Selena Group’s key brand in this market – as in the other markets where the Group is present.

Selena operates in more than 50 countries, through trade companies located in 17 countries. Exports accounted for 65.4% of the Group’s sales revenue in 2009. Sustaining its strategy focused on export-driven growth, Selena enters new markets and launches new products. Recently, the company began marketing Tytan Professional brand in Italy.

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