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Selena at the top of the PwC and Bisnode ranking

During the January BUILDER AWARDS Gala, prestigious awards were presented to companies from the construction and architecture sectors. Selected individuals […]

During the January BUILDER AWARDS Gala, prestigious awards were presented to companies from the construction and architecture sectors. Selected individuals were also honoured with the Personality of the Year 2019 titles. The group of awardees included Selena, which in addition to being named as the Construction Company of the Year, found itself at the top of the “Build The Future” Ranking prepared in cooperation with PwC Poland and Bisnode Poland. Andrzej Ulfig, the CEO of Selena SA, was awarded as the Industry Personality.

The report was created as part of the “Build The Future – Foundations and Development” project, initiated by the Builder magazine, PwC Poland and Bisnode Poland. The creators of the ranking analysed data of 300 companies with annual revenues of nearly PLN 150 billion, almost 7% of the Polish GDP. The authors of the report concluded that faced with problems in the construction sector – including the need to increase profitability amid tough price competition or create competitive advantages – companies in the sector should have access to reliable and credible data on the financial position of leaders. Selena Group was ranked at a high 13th place among the 100 recognised manufacturers. The report also presented the other two categories: real estate developers and general contractors. Selena’s high position confirms the firm’s good standing and reflects the Group’s financial performance. As announced by the creators of the Report – this is a pilot project meant as an introduction to a broad and long-term initiative, but also as a source of knowledge for the entire construction sector.

“This is yet another distinction for Selena as the Construction Company of the Year, and we find it very special – mainly because it shows the industry’s recognition and gives Selena a stable, high position in such a respectable group of awarded companies. Receiving the title another year in a row confirms the trust in the company and in the Tytan Professional brand. It also demonstrates the appreciation of the consistent measures that we undertake as a team – to offer the market technologically advanced, professional products for fast building, replacing traditional applications. Out of the many examples let me point to our revolutionary drywall foam adhesive. One cartridge of this product is the equivalent of 40 kilograms of gypsum adhesive. Its advantage is the speed of application (no electricity or water needed), which reduces the contractor’s time from 6 to even 3 hours. Another example is the Fix2 GT mounting adhesive based on the latest generation of hybrid polymers. It is characterised by a quick initial grip and an extremely strong and durable bond, which makes it easily and almost immediately workable. Products for fast building also bring tangible benefits to developers – especially in the context of the current problem with labour shortage at construction sites. They are also more environmentally friendly and user-friendly”Andrzej Ulfig, the CEO of Selena SA, said.

Construction Company of the Year is a distinction that for the last 17 years has been granted to companies operating in the construction industry and having a well-established position in the Polish construction market. In addition, the companies are recognised for the reliability and stability of their operations, and for offering high quality products and services. Industry Personality is a title awarded to people who are instrumental to the success of a company and contribute to its development.

Selena SA, a company from Selena Group – one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and owner of the TYTAN Professional brand – has received the Construction Company of the Year 2019 statuette. At the same time, Andrzej Ulfig, the CEO of Selena SA, was honoured with the Personality of the Year 2019 title. One of the main ideas behind the competition is to disseminate good practices and to identify those companies that became conspicuous for their effective management and market successes in the previous year. The awards judging panel includes, among others, outstanding professors of Polish technical universities and construction market experts, led by Professor Leonard Runkiewicz.

Selena Group has been in the market for 27 years. It has 33 companies in 16 countries and 17 production plants. It is the only Polish brand in the construction chemicals sector that sells products in nearly 100 countries on four continents. Depending on the product group, Selena’s market share ranges from several percent to nearly forty percent. At present, it is one of the four largest producers of polyurethane foam in the world.

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