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Letter to Customers – Selena Group – COVID-19

Dear Customers, Selena Group is closely monitoring the situation connected with the development of coronavirus in the world, and in […]

Dear Customers,

Selena Group is closely monitoring the situation connected with the development of coronavirus in the world, and in particular in the areas where Selena’s companies and factories are located. We keep track of the announcements published by the WHO regarding the status of the COVID-19 spread. We are in constant contact with our companies and respond to all reported needs. A special Response Team formed at the level of the Group’s headquarters is developing procedures and providing support if any mitigation scenarios need to be implemented in order to minimize the impact of coronavirus on the Group’s operations.

Bearing in mind the safety of our Customers, Business Partners and Employees, Selena Group has adopted a number of measures to ward off or to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to lower its impact on the Group’s business operations.

Measures to secure operations:

• We have suspended all business trips to countries listed on the Ministry of Health list (countries located in infection risk zones).

• We have introduced a Smart Working system with employees working from home where possible. Online video conferencing has been introduced as an alternative and recommended form of meetings.

• We monitor the employee’s health on an ongoing basis.

• We run educational campaigns; we have increased the availability of antibacterial and sanitizing agents for our employees at the company’s locations with additional health and safety instructions.

• At our production plants we have introduced the necessary procedures aimed at isolating the plants from third parties, as well as strengthen the system of communicating and dealing with drivers due to minimizing the risk of infection among employees.

• We are turning to digital capabilities to provide up-to-date information on the latest products and technologies we will introduce this year.

Current operations of Selena Group

Currently, all Selena Group’s branches and production plants are working at their full capacity to meet the existing demand and ensure constant availability of our products. There are no delays in deliveries. Customer orders continue to be accepted and goods are being shipped from our warehouses on an ongoing basis.

The Customer Service Department constantly verifies the availability of the product offer in all markets in which we operate. We are making every effort to adjust our processes and business activity to keep our production running. We are collecting and updating all information about potential impact on deliveries to our plants with regard to the raw materials and packaging. Despite the global supply challenges, Selena Group is taking a number of actions to maintain reliable product deliveries. These include contingency shipping routes and modes, securing additional logistics capacity, and moving critical raw materials into plants.

Information on possible limitations on cooperation

Given the current difficulties and restrictions imposed in many countries around the world, for reasons beyond the Group’s control, it may take longer to transport goods to Customers, and shipping costs must be confirmed on a case-by-case basis due to major fluctuations and unstable rates quoted by forwarders.

If you are having any trouble securing critical supply during this time, please keep in mind that Selena operates 17 manufacturing sites around the world. We have a vast network of production capabilities that may be able to address your needs. We hope for your understanding of the situation to help us maintain the best possible service and cooperation.

If you plan to stop or suspend your operations in the near future or not to accept the ordered goods, or if you anticipate any other difficulties or disruptions affecting our cooperation, please let us know as soon as possible, indicating for how long such measures might apply.

Please contact your existing Selena Group representative in your countries directly with inquiries specific to your business. In addition:

• Any matters related to commercial cooperation – please contact the Customer Service Department in Selena Sales Offices in respective countries.

• Any matters related to orders and ongoing cooperation with regard to production should be directed as usual to the Customer Service Department of the Selena Group’s production plants in respective countries.

• Any corporate announcements concerning the situation of coronavirus at your firms, restrictions or problems – please contact the Customer Service Department in Selena Sales Offices in respective countries, copying the Central Purchasing Department of Selena Group (

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and partnership as we work through this challenging time together.

Let’s stay safe and keep in touch!

Kind regards,

Management Board of Selena Group

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