Krzysztof Domarecki

Główny Akcjonariusz
Entrepreneur, main shareholder of Selena Group. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław, he also studied philosophy. In the years 1983 – 1991 he worked at the State Law Department of the University of Wrocław, where he dealt with the judiciary and the presidential system.

Founder of the Selena Group

In 1992, he founded Selena, which is now a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals with its headquarters in Wrocław. In the 1990s, he introduced the Tytan brand to the market. At the same time, he built distribution from scratch and established sales branches throughout Poland. Subsequently, he launched the first 3 production plants: Carina, Orion and Libra – transforming the company from a distributor into a producer. Selena has become one of the most important players on the construction chemicals market in the country.

In the years 1999-2008, he began the international expansion of Selena, expanding the distribution network and promoting the Tytan and Artelit brands abroad. In 2008, the shares of the Group’s holding company, Selena FM S.A., were listed for the first time. – on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Currently, Selena has 34 companies in 19 countries, including its own R&D departments with a central laboratory in Poland. Selena’s production plants are located in Poland, China, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy, and products are available on over 100 markets.

Active Investor

Since 2009, Krzysztof Domarecki has also been actively investing in the venture capital funds market. His Fidiasz FIZ fund provides young companies with financing and substantive support from an experienced team in the field of competence development, marketing, introducing innovative products or services to the market, and then international expansion. Fidiasz’s first investment is FinAi – a Polish company from the fintech industry, which has developed and implemented an innovative platform that simplifies the customer’s path to obtaining a bank loan.

Awards and decorations

Krzysztof Domarecki was awarded the "Bene merito" medal by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his activities strengthening Poland's position on the international arena.
He received the Medal of the Century of Regaining Independence from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland for building a civic community and economic prosperity of the country.
He was a member of the Council of the University of Wrocław for the years 2021-2024. In the same year, he joined the global #BuildingLife campaign as an ambassador, organized as part of the World Green Building Council project.
Award of the Mayor of Wrocław
"Locating the economy of Wrocław in a global network of connections and building a recognizable company brand"
Polski Herkules 2021
The title and golden statuette of Polish Hercules 2021, awarded by the editors and the Scientific Council of the Builder magazine
Entrepreneur of the Year
Distinction in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition – category "Social Responsibility" – organized by Ernst & Young
Wektor 2017
For personalities that show exemplary directions for the development of the Polish economy
Selena enters the WSE
A visit to the Selena Insulations production plant in Kazakhstan
The Mayor of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz
presents a medal on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Selena Group
Quilosa joins Selena’s portfolio
Krzysztof Domarecki receives
the first Gold Medal of Budma

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