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Selena Green Investments invests in renewable energy projects

Selena Green Investments, a company from Selena Group, has entered into an investment agreement for the acquisition of rights to a photovoltaic farm project. Production of energy from renewable sources is expected to start in 2023.

Selena Green Investments (SGI) deals with management, design and procurement, as well as provides financial and legal support for renewable energy projects. The acquired project will be implemented in the north of Poland. Grid connection conditions have already been issued. In addition, the seller also committed to obtain a final building permit for the company to develop the photovoltaic farm, and underground service. Selena Green Investments expects to commence construction of the project in the first quarter of 2023 at the latest, so as to start energy production at the turn of the following two quarters.

This is already the second renewable energy project added to Selena Green Investments portfolio this year. Previously, SGI acquired a 100% stake in a company developing a 0.5 MW biogas plant project. The project is scheduled to start at the end of this year. Currently negotiations are under way in relation to further contracts for biogas projects and other renewable energy investments in various parts of Poland.

We support our partners on many levels. Developers, manufacturers and substrate suppliers who cooperate with us appreciate the experience and opportunities contributed to the project by the corporate group with an established position in the Polish and foreign markets. In the rapidly evolving economic and climatic environment, more and more entities are looking for proven partners to implement sustainable development investments,” emphasizes Paweł Grzegorski, CEO of Selena Green Investments.

Paweł Grzegorski, prezes zarządu Selena Green Investments
Paweł Grzegorski, CEO of Selena Green Investments

Selena Green Investments Sp. z o. o. was established in 2021 to carry out renewable energy projects. SGI ensures stable terms of cooperation, long-term contracts, as well as professional support in technology development, education and social communication within the renewable energy sector. The company is actively looking for renewable energy projects at various stages of advancement, and establishes cooperation with developers, contractors and substrate suppliers from all over Poland.

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