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Do you want to find out about Selena? Then this Newsletter is for you!

Do you want to learn more about how a global Polish company operates? What is our day-to-day business? Do we […]

Do you want to learn more about how a global Polish company operates? What is our day-to-day business? Do we have time to pursue our passions? Is it possible to open an R&D centre in Dzierżoniów? Make sure you have a look at our Newsletter and meet Selena – an international Polish company which has been operating in the construction chemicals industry for almost 30 years.

In cooperation with the user, we market innovative and often pioneering solutions supporting sustainable development. Now we are one of the world’s four producers of polyurethane foam for construction. We are active in many markets on four continents. Our flagship brands: Tytan Professional, Quilosa and COOL-R®, used both by professionals and individual users, have become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation.

We are perfectly aware of the fact that the world is surging forward each day, and as we want to stay one step ahead of it – we are watching current trends and listening to the voice of contractors, improving our solutions to deliver high-quality products catering to the needs of our customers. We create roof coatings – COOL-R® – that reduce the temperature inside buildings without the use of electricity; we have developed Tytan Professional Ultra Fast 70, the market’s most efficient foam for window installation; last but not least, we have launched foam adhesives, a new category of products which can replace the traditional cement mortars technology without the use of water or electricity. More than 1,900 people in 35 companies in 17 countries around the world work on these and many other solutions every day.

Do you want to take a peek behind the scenes? Read the e-Newsletter with lots of comments, articles and videos.


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