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Combining tradition and modernity – this time Selena celebrates its 25th anniversary in Ukraine

In July this year, Selena Group celebrated its 25th anniversary together with the local company – Selena Ukraine. At the […]

In July this year, Selena Group celebrated its 25th anniversary together with the local company – Selena Ukraine. At the press conference, arranged in a fine loft space in the centre of Kiev, the company presented results, shared plans for the Ukrainian market and introduced recent innovative solutions for the construction sector. During the evening meeting with customers, Selena’s business partners and employees celebrated together to the sounds of live Ukrainian music.

Selena Group celebrated its 25th anniversary together with the local company – Selena Ukraine

Selena entered the Ukrainian market in 2004. At that time it offered the first ever high yield foam – Tytan Professional 65 – that has revolutionized the Window and Door segment not only in the country, but also in the world. Now the company’s key products are PU foams, innovative foam adhesives, bitumen coatings, a wide range of sealants and adhesives and waterproofing products. The company collaborates with a network of professional contractors and DIY users in the country. It is one of the major players in the field of sustainable construction, especially in the area of thermal rehabilitation of buildings, where fast foam adhesive for styro boards supports fast insulation process. The Company`s leading brand Tytan is considered the reference brand for professionals in Ukraine. In 2018, the Company also plans to introduce to the Ukrainian market its most innovative cooling and waterproofing roof coating COOL-R, which reduces temperature of the roof and temperature inside the building and in this way improves overall energy efficiency of buildings and profitability for building owners.

 “Ukraine is a growing market with great potential in the construction field and Selena will continue its significant engagement here. Ukrainian market has a high priority for us and a major share in our product sales regardless of the macroeconomic situation, which in Ukraine is prone to fluctuations. We see that the decline in the market has slowed down and we share the optimistic attitude of the market players” – stated Marcin Macewicz, Vice President of the Management Board for Sales & Marketing of Selena FM S.A.

Invited to the event – which took place on the 9th floor of the DIZAAP apartment building in the centre of Kiev – were more than 25 representatives of the local industry, news and business media. During the press conference they had an opportunity to listen to short presentations by Krzysztof Domarecki – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Marcin Macewicz – Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Selena FM S.A., Michał Specjalski, Head of Marketing of Selena FM S.A. and Krzysztof Stańczyk – East Region Director, who presented the company on behalf of Marek Łopiński, General Manager of Selena Ukraine.

„Selena Group has been present in the market for 25 years. It relies on its international experience to draw appropriate conclusions and forge them into the best possible growth path. Today, an important strategic factor is an understanding of the needs individual regions, markets and customers and to diversify the products addressed to them. Now the Ukrainian market is characterised by high interest in new technologies focused on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are proud that as a local company of Selena Group we can operate in our challenging market, implementing high quality system solutions and products. We are also happy to be able to host another international event celebrating the company’s anniversary. This is a unique chance to meet in one place our key clients and partners from the local market, the company’s employees and representatives of the head office” – said Marek Łopiński, General Manager of Selena Ukraine.

Invited journalists test selected products from the Selena's portfolios

After the short presentations, a practical part took place. Each of the invited journalists could test how effective and easy it is to apply selected products from the Selena’s portfolios. Products from the FOAD line – Tytan 60 SECONDS and Stryro 753 – found themselves in the limelight. The guests from the media used them to bond concrete blocks or EPS boards in a simple, fast and durable manner, and primarily – all by themselves. Participants of the conference could experience in practice how Selena optimised solutions for the sector.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the customers of Selena Ukraine. There were 40 partners invited, with whom the local company deals on a daily basis. Each of them felt right at home in the loft space of the apartment where designer-made interior decoration accessories were interspaced with Selena Group’s products. The guests listened to a presentation on the company’s history and its strategy for the future, and took part in competitions testing their knowledge about the company. Krzysztof Domarecki, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Marcin Macewicz, Vice President, raised a toast to Selena Group. The following informal discussions were held in a special atmosphere to the sounds of the Ukrainian band „Project B&B”, who played live music using traditional Ukrainian instruments: a bandura and an accordion.

The next part of the event, accompanied by a DJ music, took place on a huge terrace overlooking the beautiful, European city of Kiev. It was there that employees, customers and representatives of the Management Board were partying together until dawn, talking about what was and what the future still holds in store for us …

We extend great thanks to our local company for the exceptional welcome, with elements of tradition and modernity, and we wish all the employees of Selena Ukraine fulfilment of their planned goals in the regional market!

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