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10,000 houses built using the Tytan Professional foam adhesives technology and the Heluz mortar system

Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand, acting […]

Selena Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of construction chemicals and the owner of the TYTAN brand, acting in cooperation with Heluz, a Czech producer of bricks, has already built more than 10,000 houses, in this way supporting business development of its clients. The jointly developed, innovative solution involving the use of Selena-supplied foam adhesive in combination with a special category of calibrated bricks with insulation provided by Heluz ensures time and money savings. Quite importantly, the results achieved, including in terms of technological parameters and environmental aspects, surpass those offered by any traditional methods used thus far, including dry mortars.

“The need for cooperation with a trusted business partner prompted us to join forces with Heluz and put out a co-branded product Tytan Professional Heluz. Selena has contributed knowledge of polyurethane foams technology as well as ready technologies and products, while Heluz added its technical knowledge of new construction systems. In 2017, we celebrated 10 years of our successful cooperation which promotes a new way of building in the Czech market. The measure of our joint success is more than 10,000 houses built using this technology. But it is also the satisfaction of investors and contractors who worked with it. It is crucial for us to use innovative products to change the way of thinking about construction, but also to foster the business of our clients and bring new solutions into common use, says Michał Specjalski, Group Marketing Director, Selena FM SA.

Selena Group has been cooperating with the Czech manufacturer of bricks Heluz, a company with 140 years of experience in the masonry industry, since 2007. The company prides itself on production of high-quality calibrated ceramic brick blocks. Heluz has always been a pioneer in new technologies, striving to create an alternative masonry system and looking for a supplier of an innovative thin-bed mortar. Selena turned out to be the right partner to offer advanced technology in terms of speed, ease of application and energy efficiency.

„The work of Selena’s R&D department results in launching new products which respond to real market needs – they are more effective and more economical in use in addition to being more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This was exactly the idea that led to development of the FOAM ADHESIVES (FOAD) line. It is a long-term project done with a dedicated international team, and its offer is constantly being developed. We have created an innovative type of thin-bed mortar based on polyurethane: Tytan Professional ‘For Bricklaying’. It’s a foam adhesive which can replace traditional mortars, e.g. in the construction of houses with high-precision materials. The additional benefits include much faster and easier application, which makes the whole bricklaying process less expensive in addition to causing wall parameters to be much better compared with traditional methods “Michał Specjalski adds.

“The cooperation between Heluz and Selena has continued since 2007. However, the system preparation and testing began already in 2002. Ease of application is the key success factor of the thin-bed Tytan Professional Heluz mortar. In the Heluz construction system, this product is applied as an adhesive that connects individual parts of the masonry system. In 2007, we enhanced the wall structure by introducing calibrated ceramic blocks. As a result, we have modern blocks with high thermal insulation properties, which can be bonded by a thin-bed mortar. In the Czech market, Tytan Professional Heluz has become popular thanks to the speed of application, ease of use and a wide range of application temperatures” – says Jan Krampl, Purchasing Director from Heluz. “We are also aware of the importance of innovation in the sector, which is why we keep marketing new solutions. One of the latest solutions is Heluz Aku, a multi-layer acoustic wall of brick blocks bonded by means of the foam adhesive. The vast field of application of the thin-bed adhesive keeps opening new paths for cooperation between Heluz and Selena on joint future projects”, adds Jan Krampl.

Foam adhesives (FOAD) substitute traditional products such as: dry mortars, mounting adhesives, adhesives for flooring systems or roof coverings. Tytan Professional “For Bricklaying” is a single-component, modern and ready-to-use polyurethane adhesive that can be applied as a thin-bed mortar for thin joints. In this way, users can do their work faster and cheaper, gaining significant advantages compared to previous solutions. Its properties have a positive effect on each stage of contractors’ work:

    • a wide range of application temperatures (from -10 °C to +30 °C)


    • no electricity, water or specialised equipment required, which significantly facilitates its use


  • a permanent and strong grab after just two hours, which allows work to be continued without unnecessary waiting, thus expediting contractors’ work.

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