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Selena supports Wrocław

On 14 December, the Centennial Hall housed a conference titled “Made in Wrocław”, whose aim was to promote this part […]

On 14 December, the Centennial Hall housed a conference titled “Made in Wrocław”, whose aim was to promote this part of Poland. Krzysztof Domarecki was one of the individuals who together with the Mayor of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz inaugurated the opening session, answering the question: “Why is it worth building the ‘Made in Wrocław’ brand?”.

“Selena is one of the companies which perfectly embody the ‘Made in Wrocław’ philosophy. In the global economy era, the places of origin of companies or products continue to matter. They are promoted on a wide scale, also with regard to the historical roots of the given region. I believe that the idea of promoting the products branded Made in Wrocław is great, provided that we consistently nourish, improve and implement it. Not only today or tomorrow, but for the next 25 years, and regardless of who will rule Wrocław or Lower Silesia. I also closely observe the business environment of Wrocław and the development of technologies and companies in our city. I can see here foundations for emergence of truly promising businesses, including those which have the growth potential that Selena had at the beginning of its activity”, says Krzysztof Domarecki, the founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A. “For many years, we have also been an ambassador of the region and the Polish technological thought on the international stage. However, Selena’s roots are right here, in Lower Silesia and Wrocław, where its first branch was opened and where its head office is now. When representing our country abroad, we always emphasise that Selena comes from Poland. Although our production plants are located in different countries of the world, our headquarters from which we manage the entire international operations of the Group is in Wrocław.”

After 25 years of activity, Selena Group is a global producer of construction chemicals, employing almost 1,800 people. Its products are manufactured in 17 countries and distributed to 70 markets on 4 continents. The Group also has an international team of professionals. It is a pioneer and innovator – the Group’s technologies, which are the basis for developing the Group’s products, have been elaborated in Selena’s R&D laboratories. The Group’s products are distinguished by quality, efficiency and high advancement. The company’s portfolio includes such proprietary projects as COOL-R, the highly reflective, waterproof roof coating, which helps lower the temperature under the roof by up to 10 degrees, or the foam adhesives developed on the basis of the FOAM ADHESIVE (FOAD) programme, which form a new construction chemicals category, significantly speeding up the construction process.

The “Made in Wrocław” brand is a combination of a business conference and a free trade fair. The conference part is addressed to representatives of the business world, being a forum for experience-sharing and showcasing new technologies. In turn, the fair is open to everyone – here people have an opportunity to see the portfolio of services and products offered by Wrocław-based, innovative companies which are the pillars of the Lower Silesia. The common denominator for participants and speakers is, above all, the pride that they can carry their projects and undertakings specifically in Wrocław. The event was attended by 3,000 participants, 30 speakers, 30 startups and more than 50 Wrocław brands.

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