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Selena product recognised in Russia

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry headquartered in Poland – was recognised for its TYTAN Professional […]

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry headquartered in Poland – was recognised for its TYTAN Professional adhesive used in cold welding. Honours were presented to the representatives of Selena Vostok – the Russian company in the Selena Group – during the MosBuild 2015 trade show in Russia.


TYTAN Professional cold welding adhesive won the category Innovation of the year in Construction chemistry. The ranking was drawn by INFOLine DIY Retail Russia TOP information agency for the bestselling products in DIY chain stores. Selena product was ranked in DYI Advice Russia TOP 2015 against other products in the Russian market delivered by leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials used for construction and finishing works. Selena product is used for joining PVC flooring or construction elements, among others. It is valued mainly because of its its excellent yield and use for joining complex shapes; it can be used by both home users and professionals.

DIY Advice Russia TOP 2015.jpg

Selena operates in Russia since 2007 supplying premium products for professional builders and home users. Its Russian product offering comprises polyurethane foams, sealants and adhesives, among others, under the labels TYTAN, Artelit, Matizol and Quilosa.

“It is our next recognition in Russia. In 2013 Selena was distinguished as the Socially Responsible Company of the year. Such honours are important to us because they confirm that our products are valued in the local market and that they respond our Russian customers’ needs. Despite the current, difficult socio-economic situation we are focusing on implementing our new portfolio which is even better adjusted to the needs of the market. Thanks to the award we were presented with, the Moscow trade show confirmed the quality of our products, but – above all else – it was an excellent opportunity to bring Selena closer to the users at the DIY Forum and to forge new business connections”– said Jarosław Michniuk, Selena CEO.

MosBuild trade show in Russia is one of the biggest construction shows in the world. The show has been taking place in Moscow for twenty years. It draws more exhibitors and viewers every year. Last year it hosted 2 300 exhibitors and 170 000 visitors. 

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