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Selena intensifies its focus on operations excellence

In August, Selena Group was joined by Artur Ryglowski, who took up the role of Industrial and Logistics Operations Director. […]

In August, Selena Group was joined by Artur Ryglowski, who took up the role of Industrial and Logistics Operations Director. Less than a month later he is appointed as a new Management Board Member. As a person who has been for years associated with the pharmaceutical industry, he has a preliminary diagnosis for Selena: leadership, operations excellence and reliance on benchmarks combined with transparent communication – this is the recipe for the company’s continued strong success.

Artur Ryglowski has more than 20 years’ experience in comprehensive plant and project management, from implementation of technological solutions (ERP SAP) to the optimisation of material flows. In August this year, he became Industrial and Logistics Operations Director, and on 22 September the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A. appointed him to the Company’s Management Board.

“I’d like to add value to Selena in the areas where I have the experience, using selected tools and relying on the values that I find important. At Selena, I’d like to place a strong focus on operations excellence as part of streamlining the logistics and industrial processes. During my career, I’ve learned that an organisation can be improved mainly through people development and strong teams, which is why leadership, understood as influencing change, is absolutely essential for me. Another key element is to implement at Selena selected good practices that I dealt with during my professional career. Here, I’d like to use benchmarks, not necessarily those from the construction chemicals sector. By doing so, it’s possible to open people’s minds as they can see in a broader perspective how their company could operate. I want to communicate these aspects loud and clear both to the Group’s employees and to third parties, such as clients and business partners. To me, transparent communication of the activities planned is one of the most critical measures needed to successfully attain personal and company’s objectives” – sums up Artur Ryglowski, Selena Group’s new Industrial and Logistics Operations Director.

Artur Ryglowski obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences from the Wroclaw University of Technology. To complement his knowledge gained at the Polish university, he completed postgraduate studies in industrial systems and projects management at French universities Grandes Ecoles in Paris, Lyon and Saint-Etienne. Thanks to many years of work at companies connected with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, he has extensive and unique experience in managing those types of production processes. He started his career as a deputy production manager at PZ Cussons. Then from 1998 to 2006, he worked with Sanofi, where he managed production processes, led new projects, and was responsible for implementation of the SAP system. In 2006, he joined USP Zdrowie, where for four and a half years he held the position of Production Director, and another four years served as manager of the company’s whole production facility. From 2015 to 2017, he was General Manager at Agila Specialties Polska.

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