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Selena Group celebrates its 25th anniversary in Italy and presents innovative solutions for the sustainable construction sector

Selena Group, a leader in the sector of chemical products for the construction industry, celebrated its 25th anniversary with an […]

Selena Group, a leader in the sector of chemical products for the construction industry, celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event in Milan. The process of growth experienced by the company over the years is summed up in the international slogan “Global Experience – Local Heroes”, showing a formula for success based on the value of a global enterprise associated with the importance of local businesses that perform essential role for the Group.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Group was an opportunity to review the most significant events in its history, such as year 2003, when Selena Italia branch in Padua was first opened. Moments that enabled the Polish company to become one of the major players in the field of sustainable construction today.


“We are very proud to celebrate 25 Anniversary of Selena Group. In Italy we have grown, acquiring a key role in this country with our ability to offer added value to our clients. Our success is due, on the one hand, to advanced solutions and, on the other, to a network of partners and distributors that enables us to cover the entire national territory. Today, our products are distributed in over 1500 specialized stores, and we have developed more than 100 custom solutions based on specific construction and renovation needs. Our mission is to continue to grow and evolve, to satisfy the constantly changing needs of our partners, customers, builders and installers” says Tomasz Lewicki, General Manager of Selena Italia.

25 Anniversary event gave the opportunity to present the most recent innovative solutions for the construction sector: COOL-R – the latest innovative highly reflective and waterproofing roof coating which protects the roof from water and heat as well as the high tack foam adhesive Tytan 60 Seconds that strongly bonds various materials in just 60 seconds, allowing to faster and cleaner construction jobs.

Selena develops sustainable construction solutions’ to support it’s care for the environment. In this context the latest acquisition of Italian Uniflex, a company producing acrylics characterized by superior quality and the use of „green” raw materials with highest European EC-1 and Blue Angel certifications – reinforced and increased the “eco focus” of Selena.

The commitment of the company across the globe – also in Italy – towards green solutions is so strong that Selena is an active partner of Horizon 2020 initiatives:

  • EENSUALTE program aimed on creation of insulation solutions to reduce energy consumption of the buildings by 15%
  • BIOMOTIVE of which the Selena is leader aims to develop Bio-based chemistry also for construction – obtaining high performance polymeric materials significantly reducing carbon footprints

Selena uses only certified and proven raw materials for refined formulations and in the production plants it has implemented programs for energy saving and reduction of emission of CO2 as well as policy for reducing waste resulting from technological processes.


This attention affected many solutions introduced by the company such as ProEnergy Window system and – above mentioned – COOL-R that supports building owners in improving energy efficiency, innovative foam adhesive for Bricklaying (also certified for use in seismic areas) and one for Styrofoam from Selena’s FOAD line that ensures elimination of thermal bridges, new generation of PU foams Tytan O2 and Energy 2020 that do not emit harmful MDI (isocyanate) vapours during application, what is confirmed by the Swedish SP Provning Forskning Insitute.

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