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Selena FM at Korea EXPO 2017

On 29 and 30 June, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw was home to another edition of Korea […]

On 29 and 30 June, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw was home to another edition of Korea EXPO 2017, an exhibition organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Poland. At the opening gala, Michał Specjalski, Head of Marketing of Selena Group, made a presentation about doing business in South Korea from the perspective of a foreign investor. Selena FM S.A. has been present in Korea for more than 16 years as an owner of shares in Hamil Selena Co. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of one-component polyurethane foams.

The presentation on doing business in Korea on the example of Selena Group’s experience was held on 29 June at 10.45 in the InterContinental hotel at the Polish-Korean Business Partnership Forum, an event that accompanied Korea EXPO 2017.

Polish-Korean Business Partnership Forum.jpg

Selena has gained a strong foothold in the South Korean market with its consistent implementation of the company’s growth concept, which is to build competitive advantage based on innovative products. The company was the first to develop and introduce in South Korea the mounting foam TYTAN 65 – a key innovation in the Windows and Doors segment, additionally upgraded with an increased fire resistance parameter. In this way, for professional users of insulation foams the TYTAN brand became synonymous with quality and a benchmark for other products.

Michał Specjalski, Head of Marketing of Selena FM SA.

„With effective administration and reduction of formalities to the minimum, investors have favourable conditions for business development in Korea. Nonetheless, to become a key player in the local market, a non-Korean company must have a high quality product characterised by innovative solutions that will build its competitive advantage. As a company with a reputation for investing into technologically advanced products in the construction sector, over three years Selena won the sector’s recognition in the region and became its leader in terms of quality and technical parameters of its products on offer. One of the contributors to this success was the mounting foam TYTAN 65, which is offered in the local market in the B2 class, signifying an increased fire resistance. In addition, the cooperation with the local partner brings mutual benefits in terms of technology exchange. In 2014, our Korean partner marketed a new class of an adapter for straw foams – ERGO, which is a ground-breaking solution for foam application, including in hard-to-reach places. Selena successfully transplanted this solution to Europe, where it has an exclusive right to it” – said Michał Specjalski, Head of Marketing of Selena FM SA.

Korea EXPO 2017 is an exhibition organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Poland, which is designed to promote the country’s culture and business environment. Over two days – 29 and 30 June – the participants of the event could meet with representatives of Korean companies, find out about new technologies and establish relations that might give rise to a fruitful commercial cooperation. Korea EXPO 2017 is also a great opportunity to become familiar with South Korea as such: at the Polish-Korean Business Partnership Forum representatives of different companies shared their experience speaking about how to deal with the country’s business culture.

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