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Selena expands its offer in the American market

Selena – a global producer of construction chemicals – has launched in the US market a new line of TYTAN […]

Selena – a global producer of construction chemicals – has launched in the US market a new line of TYTAN Professional sealants and polyurethane foams. The improved line of Selena products with the labels designed specifically for the US market is a response to the expectations of the local contractors.

Selena’s trading performance for the first six months of 2013 has shown a notable increase in sales in North and South America. According to the Management Board, the new line of TYTAN Professional products will help maintain the growth impetus in both Americas.

The foams and adhesives developed specifically for the American customers will have a major impact on the construction chemicals market – by using the new product, contractors will be able to replace the several preparations used to-date with a single TYTAN brand solution. Compared with the polyurethane foams offered by the competitors, the technology used by Selena in the USA clearly stands out by its effectiveness and versatility.

“The expansion of the line of products we offer in the USA is in keeping with Selena’s overarching goal, which is to develop innovative technologies in the markets across the world. The product range that is being gradually implemented by Selena USA will in the long-term strengthen the position of the TYTAN brand among the leading products for the construction chemicals sector. We trust that the US launch of the solution that replaces several conventional products with a single one will help us maintain the high sales in North America and will contribute to the financial performance of the whole Group” – said Jarosław Michniuk, Selena CEO.

The global business nature of Selena Group, which has established operations in more than 70 countries world-wide, makes it necessary to adapt the products to the conditions prevailing in the particular markets. Selena puts a high premium on building its competitive advantage on the back of new ideas and unique technological solutions. At present, Selena has its R&D functions in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China. In June, the Group received a EU subsidy towards modernisation of its R&D Centre Selena Labs (formerly Research Centre of Construction Technology RCCT).

“We have great hopes for the Smart Foam product line. We expect that the contractors opting for our foams will not only achieve a greater work efficiency, but will also save time and money. We bring high quality products to the market, and we are positive that by doing so we will contribute to enhancing the experience of the construction chemicals market across the world” – said Wade Rector, Selena USA.

TYTAN is a key brand in the Selena’s portfolio. The TYTAN products, including adhesives, sealants and foams – are addressed to professionals and are intended for construction and finishing works. The TYTAN brand is currently sold in three continents and in several dozen countries. In many markets it is a leader in its respective product groups.

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