Selena at the American NAHB International Builders Show

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry – is exhibiting from 20 – 22 January at the […]

Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemistry – is exhibiting from 20 – 22 January at the biggest international light construction trade show, the NAHB Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Selena USA will present flagship products of TYTAN brand and run live presentations and trainings.

NAHB International Builder’s Trade Show During the event Selena will present a wide range of products under its flagship label – Tytan Professional, including high yield adhesives: Subfloor, Drywall, Heavy Duty, Outdoor&Landscape and foam adhesives i.e. Bond All (full product portfolio is available on ). Almost 200 people will be able to take part product trainings at the Selena booth C8702. It will be an invitation to witness Tytan’s technology and its innovativeness in the US market as expressed by the slogan: „Join the Revolution” – Tytan products revolutionize the builder’s work. While reducing costs thanks to their efficiency, Tytan products remain quick to use.

Join the Revolution“Selena Group has been operating in the USA for 14 years. We note regular sales increases here. We want to continue boosting our position thanks the experience gained in other countries and further adapt our solutions to the needs of our American customers. We take part in the NAHB International Builder’s Show because it’s an excellent opportunity to increase Tytan’s brand awareness among our local customers. We’ll present our American product offer, which is based on technologies currently most welcome in our industry in the US. We want to point out Selena USA as a member of the larger Selena Group, thereby increasing the confidence of our existing and potential customers from the region” – says Jarosław Michniuk, Selena Group CEO.

„Implementing our global strategy is a priority for Selena US. Focusing on it, we want to be closer to the end user of our products, just as the global strategy indicates. That’s why we decided we have to be at the NAHB International Builder’s Show this year. During the event we’ll have presentations and live demos to let the guests see for themselves the benefits and the applications of specific Tytan products. Everybody’s invited to start using Tytan and Join the Revolution in how we do construction jobs. In this way we refer to our modern, high quality, and extremely functional Tytan products while at the same time indicating the advantages appealing to the construction industry professionals, such as speed of work, high efficiency, and lower costs” – says Wade Rector, CEO of Selena USA.

NAHB International Builder’s Trade Show – organized by the National Association of Home Builders – is the biggest show dedicated to housing construction and commercial construction in the world. The event is very popular – the exhibition is visited by more than 60,000 professionals from around 100 countries every year.

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