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New logo for Selena’s 20th anniversary

The Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals – is going to strengthen its image as a […]

The Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals – is going to strengthen its image as a global company. The Group is implementing a new Selena logo accompanied by the slogan „Global experience,” which stresses the fact the brand is present on over 70 markets all over the world. The new visual communications are to reinforce Selena’s brand identity and build its brand awareness on the market.

Selena new logoThe Selena Group comprises 30 companies, operates on 70 markets, has production plants on 4 continents and in 2011 posted historic sales of 1bn PLN – that is €247m. For a company that is only 20 years old, Selena’s history is quite impressive. New corporate communications are to boost Selena brand awareness and make it as recognized as its trade brands Tytan Professional or Artelit. The new logo will accentuate the Group’s international profile – over 70% of its sales are generated in foreign markets.

Introduction of the new logo is the outcome of a project which determined Selena’s corporate brand identity and personality. The new logo is a visual representation of that identity and builds the image of an open, dynamic and courageous company. The slogan „Global experience” puts across the message that Selena is a global corporation, whose main advantage is the experience gained in various markets. It is what enables the Selena Group to grow dynamically and develop innovative solutions tailored to the customers’ various needs. Selena’s new logo stands out with modern fonts and the graphic symbol of a metallic sphere to represent globality.

Tytan new logo„Selena’s new logo refers to the old one because we are proud of the company’s years’ of tradition and our inherent, constant values. The proposal of our designers’ team won the contest. Selena’s new logo emphasises the international experience we want to draw upon to create value for our customers all over the world. It also corresponds with the Selena brand promise, which is growth guaranteed by the experience collected in the world markets. This year, we’re celebrating Selena’s 20th anniversary, so it’s the perfect moment for changing the company image and implementing the new logo that will – while preserving Selena’s traditions – indicate new paths for our future growth” – said Jarosław Michniuk, the CEO of Selena FM SA – the Group parent company.

Selena also decided to refresh the image of its key product brand Tytan Professional. The modifications make the logo more modern and improve its readability, thus making the brand stand out more on the shelves in stores – resulting in even stronger image and higher brand awareness for Tytan.

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