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46% of the Europeans polled are concerned about the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation

Selena FM – innovative products for sustainable construction As many as–46% of the polled Europeans admit they are–concerned about the […]

Selena FM – innovative products for sustainable construction

As many as–46% of the polled Europeans admit they are–concerned about the potential health risks of–electromagnetic fields (EMFs) ––this results from the survey conducted for the European Commission among residents of–27–EU–Member States. This is–why modern construction pays an–increasing attention to–health aspects. The new philosophy of–building houses is–hinged on the–idea of–aware, sustainable construction, which takes into–account the–key environmental, social and–economic aspects. Selena Group follows the–modern trends and–develops innovative solutions for the–construction sector, including products that afford people protection against harmful effects of–electric fields in–buildings.

The side effect of intensive development of electrical systems is the increased emission of EMFs. EMFs are emitted by all kinds of appliances, installations and electrical cables. The interviewed Europeans have concerns rooted in the large number of installations, appliances or electric cables in house walls. Electromagnetic waves are not neutral to human body – excessive exposure might result in headaches, insomnia and overall fatigue and irritation. Even though EMF is a natural phenomenon, human activity has intensified it – over the recent 130 years, the EMF strength has increased more than a million times. The existing levels of EMF strength deviate from the values that are natural and favourable for humans, and the excessive intensification of the EMF is called as electrosmog.

“For years now, we’ve been doing our best to contribute to the development of construction chemicals sector, both in Poland and in the international markets by providing products of the highest quality. However, we realize that in construction, skills and experience of contractors are also very important. That is why supporting this type of events is part of the Selena Group’s policy.

Selena FM tackled the issue of electrosmog several years ago. When searching for a solution, the company noted the research conducted by Stanisław Wosiński, PhD Eng. into the physical properties of ceramics and water. Thanks to the Ceraqion Technology, discovered and patented by the scientist, Selena’s research teams created the world’s first construction chemical that helps effectively protect people staying in a building against unfavourable impact of low-frequency EMFs. This ground-breaking product, which puts us well ahead of competition, may be applied in both residential buildings and public utility buildings, such as hospitals or military establishments” – said Jaroslaw Michniuk, the CEO of Selena FM SA, the parent company of Selena Group.

Ceraqion Technology is an environmentally friendly and safetechnology created and patented by Stanisław Wosiński, PhD, Eng. It uses the natural properties of ceramics and water “frozen” in the porous structures of finely ground ceramics. The discovery won an international recognition – the technology was awarded, for example, a Golden Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

The idea of sustainable construction is underpinned by the three key aspects:

  • Environmental aspect – construction’s impact on the natural environment
  • Social aspect – the comfort of using a building and its impact on the quality of human life
  • Economic aspect – the financial and energy management of the building.

The social aspect increasingly often comes in the focus of attention. A modern building needs to be fit for purpose, but also should be environmentally friendly and – in the first place – human friendly. As our civilisation develops, new threats to human health appear, with electrosmog being one of them. The seriousness of the problem is evidenced by the fact that international organisations have begun to look at it– at the beginning of the previous decade, the World Heath Organisation (WHO) published a report on the negative effects of excessive exposure to EMFs, and the EU Directive that is to enter into force in July 2016 imposes an obligation to protect employees who are exposed to strong EMFs.

[1] TNS Opinion & Social carried out the survey at the request of the European Commission on 12 March – 1 April 2010 among 26 602 citizens of 27 EU Member States.

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