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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitments in the key areas.

Sustainable Development Goals are a global call for action for the sake of a better world. Published in 2015, their aim is to stop poverty, protect the planet and ensure social well-being.

We support Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
In the Selena Group, we feel obligated to pursue measures for a fair and more sustainable world. From among seventeen global goals defined by the United Nations, ten are of special significance to us.
Care for healthy work conditions, employees’ development and social well-being
We spare no effort to ensure the widely understood workplace safety both for our employees and users of our products. Our technologies ensure the safety of our products use and significantly reduce manual work overload of construction workers. It is the people that are our greatest capital. Therefore, we support their professional development, promote talents regardless of their origin, sex, age, and diversity. Our building products, solutions and technologies guarantee high comfort of building occupancy with recognition for the common good, which is a clean environment.
Sharing specialist knowledge and experiences for the sake of sustainable construction
We continuously share our specialist knowledge with a large group of stakeholders. We are active in this area both institutionally and in individual relations with professional builders. It is their hands which form the ultimate quality of a building to be handed over for use, so we concentrate on the exchange of experience, tests and product trainings. We develop our teams responsible for innovations in the area of products supporting sustainable building and process management as part of sustainable development of our Group.
Energy Efficiency and Recovery from Renewable Resources
We concentrate our efforts on sourcing pure energy. We invest in renewable energy and continuously minimise the use of fossil fuels by successive modernisation of our production plants. We implement energy consumption reducing solutions and promote good saving habits among our employees. In our labs, we conduct R&D work on reducing energy intensity of production processes. Our products and system solutions contribute to increased energy efficiency of buildings, and at the same time to reduced demand for heating and cooling. We ensure that our product innovations and system solutions are characterised by significantly reduced demand for energy during installation in buildings and engineering facilities.
Supporting Local Markets and Communities
Responsible development is a key issue of our business. Thanks to attractive employment conditions, we contribute to the development of professional qualifications of local communities, and the research conducted and innovations have a considerable impact on the increase of the innovation level in regions and countries where we operate. With the interdisciplinary and international teams we can come up with solutions for local building conditions and diversified climate zones for the sake of sustainable building development on several continents.
Innovative Products and Infrastructure
We make use of our knowledge and research expertise, launching innovative solutions for construction products, systems, processes and infrastructures. Our technologies support sustainable industry and sustainable construction. Operating on the markets of nearly 100 countries, we involve our stakeholders in international cooperation for social and regional development as well as effective utilisation of resources.
Equality of Opportunities and Promotion of Diversity
Recognition of equality of sex, religion, views, origin, (dis)ability and forms of employment are reflected in how we make it possible for people to play their active roles in their communities and economy. We promote equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace. For all the Selena Group employees, the rules of promotion, development and training are clear, transparent and generally available. It is important for us that the criteria determining awarding of all kinds of benefits are clear, unbiased and non-discriminating.
Environmentally Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings
Life in cities, being the centres of culture and science, industry and productivity, as well as social development, helps to better conform to the equality rule. Faced with the challenges of progressing urbanisation, we deliver construction products, solutions and technologies which support sustainable development and contribute to efficient utilisation of resources. We are partner to institutions and individual investors in environmental certification of newly built and revitalised buildings, making them a better living place for the community.
Sustainable Life Cycle of Buildings and Products
Our R&D work is concentrated on Product innovations, improving occupancy efficiency of buildings by reducing heat losses and building’s demand for heating and cooling energy. At the same time we are working on new solutions reducing carbon footprint, and those coming from bio-renewable sources. We continuously monitor and work towards reduction of environmental impact of our products at each stage of their life cycle by means of LCA methodology, which is confirmed in type III environmental product declarations. For the development of our products and production operations, we effectively make use of resources and reduce emissions and waste. We help investors build more sustainably and pursue their sustainable development objectives.
Environmental Footprint Reduction
Counteracting climate changes is a border-crossing global challenge. Our commitment to environmental protection concentrates on the programmes of high quality and efficiency programmes for our products, carbon footprint reduction throughout their entire life-cycle, production environmental efficiency of production and transport. We promote responsible low-energy and zero emission construction by providing precise information on the environmental impact of our products at each stage of their life-cycle in the form of type III EPDs.
Open Dialogue and Cooperation
Our operations and strong market position enable us to fulfil our sustainable development ambitions in the public arena, and thus we can talk openly about the decarbonisation of the building industry with all our stakeholders. International, regional and local cooperation in this area is indispensable for achieving sustainable development goals. We believe in the benefits of partnership, taking part in and undertaking joint ventures with institutions and organisations, as well as entities of the public and private sector.