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Selena Group develops new technologies for the EU

Selena Group is developing pioneering solutions aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry. The company participates in two parallel projects under […]

Selena Group is developing pioneering solutions aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry. The company participates in two parallel projects under Horizon 2020, the largest research and innovation funding program in the history of the European Union, with a budget of nearly EUR 80 billion.

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Horizon 2020 is a program that represents a huge opportunity for European firms to develop solutions that improve the quality of life while strengthening Europe’s position in the global economy. Selena is a leader of one of the projects, which perfectly corresponds with the Group’s strategy of implementing innovation and supporting sustainable construction. Our advanced R&D department in the course of everyday challenges improves the formulations of the existing products, and above all develops new solutions that are going to revolutionize the approach to construction. The Group’s latest achievements include COOL-R, a highly reflective, waterproofing coating which reduces temperature in buildings, and a series of foam adhesives, including the revolutionary 60 SECONDS and the IS13 fast adhesive for storyboards. I ‘m confident that the international cooperation as part of the program, aimed at developing breakthrough scientific solutions is an ideal opportunity to exploit Selena’s potential and to contribute to another technological leap in our industry” – said Agata Gładysz, Management Board Member and Development Director of Selena FM S.A., the parent company of Selena Group.

Horizon 2020 is a program proposed by the European Commission, which aims to create a coherent system for financing innovation. The program has EUR 80 billion of funding available over 7 years. As the research on new solutions progresses, the above amount is expected to be increased by private investments. The program is intended to stimulate Europe to create world-class scientific solutions that will remove barriers to innovation and will facilitate collaboration of the private and public sectors to deliver those solutions to the market.

“The invitation for Selena Group, and especially for Selena Labs, to take part in the EENSULATE and BioMotive projects is a great honour and privilege. This proves that in the opinion of the European Commission the company is a responsible partner who effectively implements innovative solutions. Selena is one of the global leaders in development of modern construction chemicals and in some segments it offers unique technologies. The polyurethane foams are one of such areas. It is Selena Labs which – as part of the international FOAM ADHESIVE project carried out at Selena’s R&D centers in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China – has developed a wide range of products that have gained recognition from the construction industry. On the basis of this proprietary technology and in connection with the experience in production of insulation systems, we plan to prepare new foams and foam adhesives for the EENSULATE project.” – says Marek Barth, Head of Global R&D of Selena Labs and CEO of Selena Labs.


Under Horizon 2020, Selena Labs participates in the following two initiatives:

  • EENSULATE – a research and development project focused on development of a lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient component for transparent curtain walls. The component is intended to be 35% lighter than the existing technology and be used for both new buildings and inexpensive upgrades of glassed walls of existing public and commercial buildings in Europe. As the weight is reduced, the component is to ensure a 25% increase in insulating properties, a 20% cost reduction, a 20% increase in durability and a 15% decrease in energy consumption by the building.
  • BioMotive – the project, which is led by Selena Labs (with a budget of EUR 15 million) aims to develop the Bio-Based Chemistry technology. The idea is to produce chemical materials from the from plants not used by humans or animals. Such materials will be used for a synthesis of the plastics used for the manufacture of cars, in the construction sector and in other areas. The project is expected to achieve polymeric materials with high performance parameters, which will notably reduce the carbon footprint through an alternative synthesis based on chemical raw materials, without using conventional sources such as crude oil or natural gas.

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