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Andrzej Zygadło

Andrzej Zygadło

Member of the Management Board for Human Resources

Andrzej Zygadło graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Wrocław in 1996. He has over twenty years of experience in HR management. During his professional career, he participated in specialized training courses for senior management, including at Goodyear and PPG.

At the beginning of his professional career, he worked in specialist and managerial positions with such companies as Wrozamet, Cussons, GE, Gillette, and CeDo. He dealt with personnel management at production, trading, development and service organisations.

In the years 2008–2011, he worked with Goodyear, where he took up the role of HR Director for the company’s regional headquarters in Prague with a responsibility for the region of South-Eastern Europe, and subsequently for Poland and Ukraine.

the years 2012–2018, he worked with PPG, a leading global manufacturer of paints and varnishes. He served as HR Director responsible for building the corporate culture and introducing HR management and employee development standards across all PPG operations in Poland. Next, he progressed to the position of Regional Personnel Director for Central Europe and the Middle East.

He managed human resources in such countries as: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He was responsible for implementation of the company’s corporate culture and employee development. He took an active part in the integration processes following acquisition of new companies. He was involved in establishing and developing global shared services centers in Poland and the Czech Republic that specialized in customer service, procurement, IT, accounting and HR. He managed the projects of mapping and improving the competences of sales teams.

In 2019, he joined Selena FM S.A. as Global HR Director, setting up a global HR team to deliver on Selena’s strategic goals by creating a competitive edge in human resources, with a particular emphasis on talent acquisition, engagement building and employee development.

On 23 September 2021, by a resolution of the Supervisory Board of Selena FM S.A., he was appointed to the Management Board of the company as the Member of the Management Board for Human Resources as of 1 October 2021.