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Kitchens and bathrooms



Filling gaps, cracks, slits around pipes and ducts when increased waterresistance is required

Straw Polyurethane Foam Sanit
Waterproofing of walls and subfloor prior to tile installation
Hydrol 1K Liquid Foil

Płynna folia

Installation of ceramic tiles on walls
GEA136 Multipurpose Tile Adhesive, GEA236 Adhesive for standard tiles, GEA336 Adhesive for gres tiles, GEA436 Quick setting adhesive, GEA536 Strong flexible adhesive, GEA736 Strong highly flexible adhesive, GEA836 White adhesive with trass for marble and stone
Sealing around ceramic sanitary equipment
Sanitary silicone, Sanitary silicone UPG, Bathroom mounting Tape
Sealing around acrylic sanitary equipment
Acrylic bathtubs & PVC Silicone, Neutral Sanitary Silicone, Kitchen & Bath sealant, Siliconized Acrylic, Bathroom Mounting Tape
Sealing connections between ceramic tiles
Sanitary silicone, Sanitary silicone UPG
Mounting of mirrors
Mirror adhesive, FIX2 Rapid High Tack Addhesive , Mounting Adhesive Power bond
Mounting of decorative elements

FIX² Rapid klej High Tack
FIX2 Rapid High Tack Adhesive, Mounting Adhesive Mutli fix, Mounting Adhesive Classic fix, Mounting Adhesive SBS, Ecological Adhesive

Other sanitary sealings
Sanitary Silicone, Sanitary Silicone UPG, Neutral Sanitary Silicone
Removing mildew
FG-1 Fungicidal Agent